Saturday, March 14, 2009


Her Space Holiday - The Year in Review
Babybird - Hospital
Alias - pill hiding
Tuung - Hands
Help she can't swim - hospital drama
Senser - Strange Asylum
Passage - Poem to the Hospital
Biffy Clyro - my recovery injection
Terry Hall - the Lunatics..


ToffeeBoy said...

@ shane - will listen tomorrow - a Babybird song that I don't know!!! Can't wait...

saneshane said...

it's a B side to 'Bad old Man' ToffeeBoy... the Indie disco has dragged out some odd stuff.. the remixes of Frazier Chorus by Youth and Paul Oakenfold being a couple that I didn't know I had.

steenbeck said...

Another good list and more great art, Saneshane. I like the Her Space Holiday track very much, but it's so sad.

I hope you're feeling less down. Sucks to feel down.

I remember all the books stores in Hay on Wye. I found a book called "The Rat as a Small Mammal." I wish I'd bought it, with a title like that.

steenbeck said...

And I think it's strange, too, that you haven't had more songs in the a-list, because everytime I hear your 'Spill list I think I would include most of them, if it was up to me, and wonder at how you can find so many that are fitting and good.

ToffeeBoy said...

Thanks shane - I enjoyed that - particularly liked the Tuung track.

TracyK said...

Can'tbeat a bit of Terry Hall, I love his lugubrious face.

saneshane said...

@ToffeeBoy - or anyone else Tuung are touring at the moment with Tinariwen- It would be an amazing night.. just such a weird collaboration.
Sahara desert blues with alt.folk Londoners- what could it possible end up like?
(there not coming any where near Norwich.. so if anybody goes.. let me know)

@Tracy- yep can't beat a bit of Terry (although it sounds like Jerry Dammers might want to)

@steen - I got XOXO Panda (Her Space Holiday) as a promo a while ago and on first listen found the music far more up-beat than usual for them.
Then listening to the words, It was so sad, I really like the album for that.. I like the dark and the light together.