Friday, March 6, 2009

Signs 'O' the Times

I used to write horoscopes for a drunken magazine.. I’m very good.. a pint of numbers then a character assassination of anyone I knew born under that sign… so much fun.. I made up the words, it was then translated into English and typed up properly by my ‘chapess’ mate.. She ended up fairly high ranking at the *** newspaper… and they say making up bollox doesn’t get you anywhere!

Click on these tame versions.. sorry - all I could find- it was nearly 20 x 12 moons ago…

Enjoy the tunes.. tough subject. I haven’t dropboxed them because I feel they are tenuous.

Cass McCombs
Magnetic Fields
Rjd2 (remix)
Mountain Goats
DJ Format (Featuring Abdominal & D-Sisive)
The Fall
Bright Eyes
DJ Badmarsh & Shri feat. UK Apache
* cass mccombs and Rjd2 are a perfect fit though!


saneshane said...

o I've forgotten to say big donds to Mnemonic for the Fall track- hope you don't mind me still posting it.

nilpferd said...

Love the RJD2, think I reached your bw limit at the middle though, because the last 4 tracks won't play.. great graphics as ever..

saneshane said...

cheers nilpferd
it's just boxtr as ever I should have just gone with dropbox.. it will play randomly according to listens.. oh well.