Thursday, March 12, 2009


Dear Herr Hachi,
You recently let slip you would be hitting forty "this week". As today is the only day left before the new blog, I hope I've guessed right. I'm drinking Cabernet Sauvignon on your honour - hope you don't mind sharing with Ben (a bottle each and I'll be written off for the next 72 hours).


You mentioned signs on roundabouts, hence the above clip...


Japanther said...

Birthday greetings donded here!

Long may the bard of Spillville continue to delight and engage with his wit and humility and don't forget to keep the Radio Abahachi's coming at a brisk pace!

p.s. couldn't find Radio Abahachi #2 Part A in Dropbox??

Abahachi said...

Thank you so much; yes, I am now officially worn out and fit for the knacker's yard, and spent most of my birthday staring blankly into space - though this was largely due to being woken at 2 am because a strange cat had broken in through the catflap and was involved in a noisy stand-off with one of ours (while two of the others cowered, and the kitten tried to make friends) and then couldn't get back to sleep. Feeling slightly more human this morning.

Radio Abahachi 2a is in the folder when I look at it, so not sure what to suggest; I didn't post that one.

ejaydee said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes!

Shoey said...

Happy Birthday Abahachi.

I threw #2 in the box, perhaps I should have tried E-Bay, given the poularity of these things.