Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things I did on my holidays - Pt 1

Shoegazer (left) and DarceysDad adopting the correct etiquette pose for Low's beautiful guitar music!

Whilst I was in Florida last month, I had the good fortune to increase the tally for RR/Spillers I've met in real life. Shoegazer, or Shoey, as I now feel happy calling him, got the two of us tickets for a Low gig in Orlando. It was an excellent, if strange evening. Having got completely lost on the way into downtown Orlando, I was a little stressed when I arrived, having travelled 53 miles in 70 minutes (the journey home was 22 miles / 40 minutes). Fortunately the bar Shoey had described to me was directly over the road from the car park he directed me to, so we relaxed over a Lite beer or two. He explained that he wanted to meet me at the RR (I kid you not - I've got a picture to prove it), but it's down an alley he said I'd never have found. My response to that slur (only kidding, look at my map-reading!) was to show him my arse, or more precisely my "RRs"; a brand of jeans I'd found in an outlet sale the day previously, that I absolutely HAD to wear that night. Hmmm, synchronicity anyone? Anyway, we soon decided to move on to the venue, a bar called . . . THE SOCIAL !! Weirder and weirder. I tell you, folks, I ss-s-s-so-o-o-o wanted this place to have its own T-shirts, but alas not.
A good chinwag later, the support act came on. Hmmm, don't think we'll be claiming "I Was There" bragging rights on that lot in 20 years time, but as they were giving away a free one-track demo-CD, I'll let you all have a listen:

Great Deceivers - Strange Death

As per instructions I bought Shoey a large drink (just a pint of Dublin's finest, as we both had to drive home), and we further shot the breeze whilst waiting for Low. One thing you can answer for me, Shoey, you mentioned the side-project Alan Sparhawk played in [rockier versions of Low songs]: what were they called again? Anyhoo, this was my first time hearing Mimi's gorgeous voice live, so those of you who've seen both them and me can just imagine how I reacted to that! It's just a shame there weren't more than about 150 people in the place. They finished with the below tune, to-date one of my three favourite Low songs.
After this gig though, I'm definitely up for getting some more albums. To answer your question, Shoey, 'Trust' is the other LP I've got apart from 'Things We Lost ...' and 'Drums & Guns', so where do I go next? 
All opinions gratefully received, though it's likely to be the library, rather than the record shop, that sees me after how much I spent filling Uncle Walt's family pockets !!! That, though, is for TIDOMH-Pt2 . . . goodnight all.


FP said...

Will enjoy listening to this and thanks for sharing your holiday snaps! Look forward to the next ones. Did you meet Mickey????

DarceysDad said...

And I've just realised, I haven't actually said a public Thank You to Shoey for his genorosity and hospitality. Always ace to meet a good bloke, and if I can ever return the favour, my friend, don't hesitate to ask.

Shoey said...

Great to meet you & your family DsD, glad you enjoyed the RR themed attractions. That Low side project was The Retribution Gospel Choir. Low are a buy them all band for me, but think you would like "The Great Destroyer" as they rock out more than usual & it's a good long album.