Saturday, March 28, 2009

Almost Famous

I'm Jim Morrison , I'm Dead
Unfair Kind of Fame
Swimming Pools, Movie Stars
Jesus Christ Superstar
Please Don't Be Famous
Big Shot
Superstar Talking Blues
Movie Star
Disaster Button
John Belushi


Shoegazer said...

Can't be bothered to post on RR. #5 comes c/o Shane from last year, I think (cheers).

FP said...

Shoey I love the Mogwai track. I heard them play that here about a month ago. They are truly stunning on stage but very very very LOUD. All the young dudes around me had earplugs in. Not very rock n roll, eh? But then they won't end up half deaf like yours truly.....

steenbeck said...

Shoegazer, I like most of these. WHo are they by? You should put them on RR--there are some really good ones here.

Shoey said...

Glad you (mostly) like Steen. Am tied to the mobile for now - if you want to carry any over, feel free. Let's see, we have: Mogwai, Pastels. Weddoes, Laibach, Dogs Die In Hot Cars (thanks again, Shane), Babybird, Noah House of Dread, Edwyn Collins, Nina Nastasia, Cracker, Snow Patrol (For Blimpy & Carole), & Broken Family Band.

Shoey said...

Haven't seen Mogwai for about 4 years, FP - good to hear they haven't mellowed with age.

steenbeck said...

Thanks, Shoegazer. Hmm.. I liked Mogwai, Pastels, Weddoes, DDHC, Babybird, Noah HofD, Cracker and the Broken Family Band. Isaac just said he likes Cracker, too. It's Cool, he says.