Sunday, March 22, 2009

East Neuk Rock City

Robin Song

Right I'm off to Anstruther for the Fence Records pre-season friendly - playing: Come In Tokyo, Kid Canaveral, and De Rosa (and some special Fence appearances too!).  Above is a De Rosa video, with robins. My pal has just started playing for Kid Canaveral, so it'll be cool to see him banging the skins. 

Laters, pop fans! 


saneshane said...

enjoy the pre- season friendly Blimpy.. I'm dead jealous, tried to work a holiday into going up, but the ms just wasn't playing ball!

They finally got the De Rosa out (on Vinyl) hasn't grabbed me as much as Mend YET.. but that's digital for you. 'nocturne for an absentee' will be perfect all week though.

Now I've fully recovered from accidently poisoning myself I had better find some Class songs.

Don't get too out of ya head.. and keep us posted.

Japanther said...

Hej from a snowy Stockholm!

Just popping in to listen to a few tracks...will expect a full match report after Blimpy..