Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enlightening curios of edification - The Rock'n'Roll Public Library. Hurry! Last day Sunday 23rd August.

After Tatanka's glowing recommendation about the Rock'n'Roll Public Library I went along today and it was well worth getting through the Portobello Road crowd to see all this. Fascinating. Thanks for posting about it!

I loved the magazine collection and one of the things that was most absorbing was that fine Woody Guthrie quote which is easy to miss, right by the entrance in a tiny frame under a photo of him with his fascist killing machine.

The library's last day is SUNDAY 23RD AUGUST. They said it opens at 11am and probably closes at 6pm.

They invite people to use their scanner for any items that grab them. Lovely generous spirit, that. Lots of people taking photos. An hour well-dawdled.

Cheers, Caitlin


tincanman said...

Whereas the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland strictly prohibits photos. The only proof I have that I was there is a picture of myself in the gift shop, in which I could not afford to buy anything. Even the t-shirts were fancy designer things that cost $30.

Dangerpuss said...

Ah well now that can make or break a special experience for me. No matter how good the rest of it is, if it's all a bit gatekeeperish, it just spoils it a bit whereas if there's a spirit of mutual fandom and generosity, more custodians than owners, it adds to the whole thing immeasurably and makes it a purely good memory.

CaroleBristol said...

I've never understood the point of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

It just seems to me that it is the Disneyfication and neutering of rebellion.

TatankaYotanka said...

Hey Caitlin

glad you enjoyed the trip ;) On the Friday night there was a hobo style festival gig under the Westway in aid of Strummerville ...

Hope you've enjoyed your Staycation

*thanks TCM ... got the hang of this now

ejaydee said...

Ha, I almost went to see the show on Friday, I know the bassist in Smokey Angle Shades!