Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Les Paul Clips

Here are a few Youtube clips of Les Paul, some with his wife Mary Ford.

Les age 91 in 2006 playing at the Iridium club

Les and Mary doing their hit How High the Moon

Paul demonstrates his invention the Les Pulverizer (overtracking gizmo)

A short documentary on Les Paul


goneforeign said...

Very coincidental that Les Paul died today, yesterday I read quite a bit about him at Wiki, I was researching the Steve Miller Blues band LP was Steve Miller's godfather!
Les Paul is the one responsible for Steve as a child playing the guitar, then when he graduated from high school they went to live in Texas and T Bone Walker became his teacher.
I clearly remember as an early teenager in the 50's hearing How High the Moon on BBC, it became an enormous hit, I loved it, it was such a different sound.

goneforeign said...

And the bloke who introduces the 'How High' youtube clip was another old friend, Alastair Cooke. Consider Dick Dale's playing when you listen to this.

steenbeck said...

Sorry, threadjack--anyone find the new topic?

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ejaydee said...

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