Sunday, August 23, 2009

hmm, what to wear to the office next casual dress day

The WiFi Detector T-shirt features a built in WiFi detector on the front,as soon as you are near a WiFi connection the animation on the front lights up.

The display changes as you move away from and closer to the signal.

(It has a practical application too, if you aren't keen on official hot spot pricing schemes, which tend to be overpriced by, well, why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free.)


Anonymous said...

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tincanman said...

Soon as I get my money out of Nigeria, I'll help you m8.

HEY...just thinking, why don't you give me your bank details. I've got $80million I inherited from a Nigerian uncle I never knew I had and ...

B-Mac said...

similarly, my face lights up when i get near a cup of tea

tincanman said...

I thought I recognized you from Steepster

gremlinfc said...

Now that's what i call practical clothing. Where can you get them? Time for a google...