Saturday, August 15, 2009

New kit on the blog

Meet Zebedee, who is only half awake! He is Zissou's nephew.


Abahachi said...

A very handsome boy; nice stripes.

steenbeck said...

Oh, he's lovely. And his name is, too.

Dangerpuss said...

Gorgeous. Is he falling asleep or waking up?

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for Zebedee

DarceysDad said...

Brilliant name!

I think I'm winning the war with DarceysMam about our next kitten(s).

As our still-missed previous cats, by coincidence, had the initials A.A. and B.B. (given name + surname of the friend who supplied them to us), I'm already thinking about what C.C. will stand for. As our surname is a C, I just need a given name. Or of course, if I get two at once, I'll need to have thought about a D as well.

Over to you lot . . .

gremlinfc said...

That's a lovely photo - I appreciate cats / kittens far more now my squids have all grown up- sure he'll be a bit livelier tho!

AliMunday said...

He's lovely, I hope he's settling in well.

Mnemonic said...

At the moment, he's still got his brother Rambo to play with and they are creating chaos. Rambo moves downstairs to my neighbour tonight and then we'll catsit for each other so they can stay friends.

If you look very closely at the picture you can see Rambo, who is fast asleep.

TracyK said...

Aw, that's such a lovely arrangement! Congrats on the new arrival Mnemonic!

And DsD, C for Chaos?

DarceysDad said...

BRILLIANT, Tracy !!!

And D for Disorder, too.

Oh, now I can't wait to stand at the back door yelling their names.

Is that Cat Rescue place open for visitors on a Sunday, I wonder ...

gordonimmel said...

Erm, I'm suprised I'm the first to say 'Boiiing! Time for bed said Zebedee'

And Darceysdad, you want a D and a D for a cat's name...

Darcey something...

Dad something....

Oh, I give up. Can't think of anything appropriate.

cauliflower said...

prrrrs. glad you have a new pal, MNE,
almost makes me think about getting another ;-)

DsD - I'm in the sibilants camp for kitty naming:
Dastardly, after Dick

Dangerpuss said...


My brother once had a houseshare where the cat's name was Crazed. We had a part-time street cat called Colin that used to hang out at our place in the evenings and was very shouty. Cookie the cat sounds good. The Blue Peter viewers thought so.

I also knew cats called Dean and Duncan. Duncan was a lovely ginger tabby.

Another cat was called Echo because she mewed every time you spoke to her.

I had a cat called Fritz named after the cool cartoon cat. Felicity's a lovely name for a girl cat.

Skipping ahead in the A to Z, we've had Minnie the Moocher, Sweetie-Pops, Jack, TeaLeaf, Arfur and Spike. Stella would be a nice name for a white cat I think.

Dangerpuss said...
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Abahachi said...

I'm afraid the idea of giving a name to a cat without having met said cat is anathema to the Abahachi household. We usually take a couple of days arguing over possibilities until we find the name that feels right to both of us. I suppose that having a fixed system - must begin with a certain letter - may well make the process easier by limiting the possibilities, but the risk of getting it wrong seem so much greater.

My parents' cats, for example, are called Heloise and Abelard; yes, very clever, could be great names for the right cats, but those two scruffy and non-interactive lumps simply don't fit - they should be called things like Greebo and Widget, as their whole demeanour is early 90s crusty... They're actually perfectly pleasant cats, but with the wrong names.

The naming of cats is a difficult matter...

Dangerpuss said...


I agree. I need to meet the cat first. Having said that, I have a collection of names waiting for the right cat to come along and try them on. I knew instantly which reserve name belonged to my current cat when we met at the shelter and no other extra names suited her. She's also gone on to develop several nicks according to all the facets of her character.

But I love DsD's alphabetical idea too. Maybe a happy medium? It's a good game to play to be really imaginative - find lots of names with a certain letter then see which one fits the pud most authentically. (To paraphrase Sesame Street - "these cats have been brought to you by the letters C and D.")

On the alphabet thing, I went to school with a family of six girls all with J names. And wasn't there a band that named all their albums with a word beginning with H? I think that might have been America.

Cheers, Caitlin

ejaydee said...

Glad you've found a new mate too Mnemonic, he's gorgeous.

Mnemonic said...

I have known him since he was two days old and he's a very bouncy cat, hence Zebedee. His provisional name, by his mum's owner, was Tigger and that just didn't feel quite right.

I'd add that a name also has to be something you don't feel embarrassed shouting out when they go astray.

TracyK said...

Hmm, that idea is opposite to my hsuband choosing to call our cat "DAN. DAN. DAN. DAN". Too much Alan Partridge can seriously warp your mind.

gremlinfc said...

@dangerpuss - all the Goebbels' children had names beginning with H - that's 5 daughters and one son...

Blimpy said...


B-Mac said...

Cats I have lived with:

1. Tumbleweed (not named by me, poss my parents)

2. Grey (named by my brother as a child - as in "the grey cat")

3. Mogwai (named by me, as in the scottish post-rock band but also translates as hairy devil or hairy ghost)

4. Mewsli (named by me, after the punchline of a joke I made up.)

5. Not that I'm allowed another just now, but Twosli would be #1 on the list.

Abahachi said...

Yes, but if you've got Mewsli, shouldn't it then be Yewsli, then Weasli?

treefrogdemon said...

Cats I have lived with...
JoJo (really called Jo, but my sister said everything twice)
Little Jo (daughter of JoJo)
Honey (run over right outside the house!!!)
Emma (named by my brother, after Mother said we should call her something beginning with M)
Kevin, aka Kot (abandoned by a previous inhabitant of my brother's student digs)
Viola and Sebastian (siblings, fairly alike)
Morgan (stray, indeterminate gender; run over by the vet)
Malcolm and Donalbain (brothers)
Jamboree (named by Ab, who wasn't into Shakespeare)
Hermia and Lysander (bought from the petshop to comfort Ab who'd just had four teeth out.)
Cassius (lean and hungry, natch)
Quince and Flute
Drusilla (she bites)

Abahachi said...

(childhood cat; lovely name, wonderful cat).

(Mrs Abahachi's cats when I first got to know her. Sappho was run over barely a month later; Ron was a semi-wild outside cat who would disappear for weeks, then turn up at 2 am demanding affirmation because he'd caught something).

(arrived in Mrs Abahachi's household the same evening that I came to stay and meet the children 'as a friend' - and one of the reasons she was convinced I wouldn't ever come back. Turning out to be male was the least of his issues)

(first Siamese; still going strong)
(his half-brother; gorgeous sweet nature, serious medical problems)
(all-white oriental, amazing voice, serious medical problems)
(my still-missed little Siamese girl, very loyal and affectionate, horribly timid, bullied mercilessly by...)
(fiend from hell, voice like a baby buzzard, now, heaven help me, my little girl)
(beautiful striped tabby oriental, shortly to feature in the Castle Cary Pet Calendar, free to good home because no one wanted him. Eats squirrels.)
(latest addition; again, free because of underlying medical problems which seem to cause him no difficulty whatsoever)