Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting your band known. The Music Glue method.

I was just browsing the Freebies on Gumtree and came across a free ep download offer from a band I like, The Federals . Turns out they use Music Glue which immediately made me think of debbym's Mother's Pride post a while ago about her son's band.

This looks worth a careful looksee for marketing :

Music glue - The Band is the Brand

What is it? :
"Music Glue is a free to use online marketing and e-commerce solution for artists, managers, promoters and venues, providing all the tools required to engage modern internet savvy fans that expect to interact directly with their favourite artists. "

The blurb:
"Free Sign Up
Commercialise music on P2P networks
Commercialise music on Social Engineering websites
Control wholesale and retail prices
Create ‘product offerings’ that include multiple tracks, encouraging consumers to purchase albums or EPs.
Create elaborate viral campaigns that bring the fan back to the band every time
Gain invaluable information on fans, including email addresses, listening habits and location (city & country)
Bring fans closer to the artist, with personalised messages and branding on all web pages.
Furthermore send out automated emails reminding fans of release dates
Load up unlimited tracks
Design your own flash music player, that can be added to your website, MySpace or any other social networking page
Switch off certain countries, depending on your licensing situation
View ‘real time’ reports of sales, with total financial transparency.
Paypal, Credit card sales worldwide
Quarterly accounting"

Cheers, Caitlin


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