Friday, August 28, 2009


I am watching the Reading coverage on BBC3.

Not hugely impressed.

Kings of Leon - unfocused and plodding, lack of music, not a good band at all.

Faith No More - always were rubbish, why reform?

Jamie T - What the F*ck is this sh*t? I have rarely seen anything as completely useless. Who is this cretinous bore? Do people actually listen to this for pleasure? Makes The Streets look good.

I have also been unfortunate enough to see the Bombay Bicycle Club, who deserve a smack and Florence and the Machine, who are just rubbish.


Shoey said...

There's a BBC3? It must be C21 already. Quite like bits & pieces by KOL, but haven't seen them live. Cheer up, it's the weekend - no database jiggery-pokery til Monday.

Dangerpuss said...

Kids today eh? In my day, we had proper music. Only teasing, Carole ;o)

I quite like Jamie T. Good storyteller and I like his energy.

I'm already on record over at RR as liking Florence Welch. Another good storyteller and extraordinary theatrical presence and vocal range and power. The hype is taking the edge off a bit lately. I was lucky enough to catch her live just before the wave broke. That's my favourite time to see a band, while they're pure and hungry and haven't become a media darling yet.

Speaking of hype and media darlings, I went to Bristol yesterday to see the Banksy show. What a shambles, refusing to have timed tickets - claiming it's "to be fair so everyone can get in" and then have VIP non-queuing private views in the evening. Bollocks. What a gift to the marketing that downpour was. People queuing for hours and getting drenched.

Didn't queue. Saw some of Bristol instead. Lovely.

Cheers, Caitlin

Proudfoot said...
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Proudfoot said...

Nice to see some unabashed dissing CaroleB. I'm surprised Kings of Leon were rubbish live, but you were there. Well, you saw it anyway. Donds to that opinion of Jamie T. There are better storytellers out there. In my local in fact.

Anonymous said...
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CaroleBristol said...

We never made it to the Banksy show either Caitlin.

The idea of queuing for that long is just too much like hard work.

Neither of us are especially patient so I'd say that having to wait for hours just to get in would mean we wouldn't be too well disposed to the exhibition once inside.

tincanman said...

I'll jump up in Jamie T's defence too. I don't think we've seen the whole deal there yet.

I agree it's good to see some proper dissing, although I prefer the 'unfocused' type criticism rather than 'not a good band at all.' But to each his own, and better an honest opinion than precious politeness.

Blimpy said...

I just watched some Gallows on the beeb, and was mighty impressed. Their frontman is like a possessed Johnny Rotton!!