Wednesday, August 26, 2009 moment of glory (probably shortlived).....

The Unidond League at the moment:

1 Buckyboys FC '09 108.5
2 Darcey County 102
3 sane city fc 101.5
4 TSV 1860 Abahachi 89.5
5 LA Saints 89
6 gremlinfc 83.5
7 Dinamo Splodge 82
8 Carinthians 81.5
9 Th' Mighty Owls 78.5
10 Dondler FC 74.5
11 Spirit of 87 68.5
12 FC1878 37.5
13 Merthyr Berlin 28.5
14 Dinamo Telecaster 25


gremlinfc said...

Enjoy it while you can...grrrrrrrr

gordonimmel said...

Yeah, but we're all bouncing up and down the league table apparently at random.
Me, I'm just putting in all my uninjured players every game and hoping for the best. No subtlety required.

saneshane said...

I found I was top for 40 minutes on Saturday afternoon... boy that was short lived and that was some fluke, my keeper had just let in 5!
How does that work?

But at least in the greater scheme of things we all get a chance to go top..... (Liverpool fan would like the same opportunity..Spurs fans are wobbling from their fear of heights... just don't come over to Norfolk or Suffolk!!)