Friday, August 28, 2009


Tell Her
I'm Going Back Home
The Ballad of Ira Hayes
Sam Stone
Long Way Home
The Day After Tomorrow
The Wild Rover
Prodigal Daughter/Cotton-eyed Joe
Legionnaire's Lament
Back to the Old House
Travellin Man
Da Art of Storytellin Pt. 1
You Never Know
My Way Home

Upon consideration, these are about home, but not about returning home, necessarily. Still good, though...
My Old Home
Where I'm From


gordonimmel said...

Love the Monty Python clip. I usually try to think of a suitable Monty P clip every week but couldn't think of one this week but you have ,steen.
I posted this one a while back when we did 'Songs about class'. I didn't think of it as a homecoming.

Do you get the geographic and geopolitic significance of lines such as 'Hampstead wasn't good enough for you. You had to go poncing off to Barnsley' from that side of the pond? I know you've stayed here for a bit but did you ever come up to Yorkshire?

ToffeeBoy said...

@ steenbeck - great clip. Promise to listen to the songs tomorrow. You do entirely know that the silliness on the mothership is nothing more than that, don't you? It's just the cartoon devil on my shoulder whispering sweet nothings in my ear about people who get on the A-List all the time. My sane self knows that that's not what RR is about and loves and admires you (can I say that?) for your extensive and varied musical knowledge. By way of apology (if one were needed) here's an amusing (if not amazing) clip for y'all to enjoy.


steenbeck said...

Well, gordonimmel - I lived in Highgate off and on when I was growing up. And we used to walk across the Heath to Hampstead. I always got the feeling that Highgate was a bit out of our usual range, classwise, as well. But I like it there. And I've been to yorkshire - we went on trips to the Peak District (right?) when I was younger. And after college I traveled a bit with a friend of mine, and we stayed in a youth hostel in York and I rented a bike and got a flat tire way way way out of town.

Mostly I like that clip because I've read a lot of DH Lawrence, and as I may have mentioned, he didn't appeal to me. But it makes it all make sense.

Toffeeboy - of course I knew you were just joking, and very funny it all was, too. It's just...I'm not used to being, um, successful. I'm more of a tried-and-failed- gal. Or lately a why-bother-trying gal. So it just feels strange, the whole thing. Including - considering I didn't have a computer till I was 30, didn't know what a blog was for nearly a decade after that, and live in did I find this Guardian blog and why has it become so freakishly important to me? Strange, but all good. All very good.

steenbeck said...

Oh, and I don't really expect people to listen to the whole ridiculously long absurdly varied 'Spill list. It's more so if a song sounds intriguing it's easy to listen to it.

I'm trying to convince David he wants to go to Scotland for his 40th in October, so... Not likely, but you never know.

Shoey said...

Just wanted to say that your response to Toffee's teasing about not being able to cope with a successful woman was my fave post of the week so far (although the "Mirrorball" nom also made me smile a lot).

steenbeck said...

Shoey, thanks, Means a lot to me. I actually almost apologized for that post, but I didn't have time, and then the moment passed. Anyway, thanks.