Friday, August 21, 2009


Too Drunk To Dream
Night At The Knight School
Sleepy Song
Too Tired
Please Let Me Sleep
Bone Tired
Old Fashioned Morphine
Raw And Awake
Maybe Sprout Wings
Your Endless Dream


saneshane said...

I like Mag Fields (and J&MC) but I haven't warmed to that Distortion(?) album.

and the rest are SHIT...

Only Joking.. great to get another Thee More Shadows.. liking them.
The Durutti Column is an epic is it not..
Grand Archives I don't know, suited the subject well.

who else... oh Get Well soon, I've got the Witches song, so like that one too...
Chris Garneau was another goodie and liked Gomez too, on a blind taste test..

maybe sprout wings is a corking Mountain Goats.

all in all another stunning effort Mr. Shoegazer - have a cookie.

AliMunday said...

I love "Maybe Sprout Wings". Conjours up a weird picture though.

Shoey said...

Shane. Thanks for cookie. It was your post of "witches" that introduced me to GWS in the 1st place - piece of cake, right back atcha. Agree that "distortion" is a little indigestible in one go. Glad you like Garneau, sometimes his camp theatricality can get a bit much at times, but he's one of a kind; as is Vini.

Ali. Weird imagery is what Mr. Darnielle does best. If you like poetry to conjour strange pictures in your head - he's your man & it's all perfectly legal.

nilpferd said...

The Knight School track was awesome, as was Too Tired. As ever I have no idea who performed these tracks.

steenbeck said...

I like the whole list, again, shoegazer. Who sings Tired? It's making me tired.

steenbeck said...

Who sings Your Endless Dream?

Shoey said...

Sorry folks - been sleeping.

Nilp, that was Thee More Shallows & DeVotchKa.
Steen, yours were Low & Get Well Soon.

Thanks for listening.