Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Do You Treasure?

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ejaydee said...

Family, friends, and something more original I can't quite think of at the moment.

DarceysDad said...

Agreed, ejay.

Wife & kids, relative health/wealth/freedom, friends and some family (don't ask!), various sensory pleasures (stop smirking at the back; I was thinking about music, food & drink etc.!), LFC, RR/'Spill, summer sun, open roads and a decent car & sound system ...

Nothing particularly original, but hey, such is life!

saneshane said...

There was a painting in the woods at the Latitude festival called
'I love you more than my record collection'
I don't know the look on my face but, R just said "anything you say now will just dig that hole deeper..."

I mean obviously some records in my collection were a mistake but taken on a treasure/pain percentage...... who wins?!!!

...if R ever reads this JOKE honest JOKE.

Japanther said...

in the early, stormy days of our relationship, if a big big argument ensued, Mrs J's favourite trick was to grab a record at random from the shelf and threaten to break it!! pretty extreme maybe, but it worked....and I always backed down!

This was many years ago and she's stopped it now, thank god!

Blimpy said...

Amazingly Mrs mcF was able to guess which one I had done! She's very intuitive. What fun we had at the museum yesterday!

What I also like is the child who treasures Jesus before his family.

Mini mcf drew a picture of his favourites from his rock and crystals collection.

Japanther- ditto, except she'd hold my guitar OUT of the window by its neck and threaten to let go!!!!

Blimpy said...

@shane - awesome comment!!

Dangerpuss said...

In no particular order:

My mind

My friends

My big brother

My cat and the memory of her predecessor (some Great Loves of your life just happen to be different species)

My ability to write.

My neighbourhood.

My resilience and resourcefulness which have got me through quite a bit

My health and the stroke of luck that got me born into a rich country with a vote.


I can see colour.

That'll do for now. Cheers, Caitlin

Dangerpuss said...

I forgot! My memory. It's pretty sharp (usually). Doh!

Also, being able to read. Literacy isn't far behind food, water, shelter and love in the Essentials of Life list. Without being able to read you can spend a lifetime on the outside with your little face pressed up against the window.

CaroleBristol said...

I treasure Nicky, my partner, my doggies, my guitars, my books, my music, my memories and the reasonable state of health I enjoy.

ToffeeBoy said...

ToffeeGirl and the two LittleMissToffees, naturally.

Health, relative financial comfort, friends, days off, my love of music, Everton FC, my girls' football team, The 'Spill, Edinburgh, my former job (not my current one), my bed, ginger beer, the ability to communicate in a number of different ways, living in a comparatively free society, life, the written word, humour, swearing, the sound of children playing, Google, the smell of frying onions, Charles Dickens, snow, binoculars, my Oyster card ...

ejaydee said...

Reminds me of one of the 'Spill logos.

Shoegazer said...

William S. Burroughs,
The smell of Charles Dickens,
The sound of children frying ginger beer,
My former bed,
The ability to 'Spill in many different ways.

What were the other 4 questions (hic)?

AliMunday said...

My life, my son, my family, my cat, the countryside, my garden, the seaside - pretty much all the good stuff. I've had periods where I couldn't see the good things but now I can, so I try to be positive and appreciate how lucky I am. It works, for the most part!