Sunday, August 30, 2009

To the Unwary - Part 2

Note - this is still technically my First Post. I stress this because glasshalfempty, while welcoming me warmly to the community, pointed out the requirement of an accompanying photo: one of the Unwritten Rules. Suspecting such a situation would arise, I had already scanned the entire site with Adobe's UnReader (due for release in 2010 and still in beta - but that's another long story that has nothing to do with music and everything to do with my brother-in-law and Adobe's security department . . . )

So - the photo was about to go into Part 1, when my computer simply Ran Out of Pixels! Unbelievable,eh? I'd forgotten to fill it up that morning!
'Could have happened to anyone' is the line my legal advisors (Messieurs Tourniquet et Vice of Carcassonne) urged me to take.

The Adobe Unreader, being still in development, may of course miss other elements that make up B.L.Impy's First Law of Photogenics, itself but a tiny part of the vast body of work that is the Unwritten Overspill Rulebook ( an online tome that runs to 600 Tantrabites!). Woe betide anyone caught infracting - as infractions, I gather, could result in many hours of community service. I still have painful memories of my last days with the Philatelic blog community ( - and some hefty physiotherapy bills, still unpaid.

On the subject of unpaid bills - here is the caption to go with my photo:
Gaston 'Antifreeze' Gaulloise (a nickname that I promised him I would not explain in full. Nor have I.) who is my local vigneron, has come up with a novel way for his impecunious customers to 'pay off' some of their drink debt. He fastens us to the back of his tractor as we manipulate the circa 1950's weeding contraption. Furthermore, we are obliged to dress up as the Blues Brothers, and sing parts of their woeful repertoire, while appearing to be cheerfully engaged in organic vineyard work.


treefrogdemon said...

Ah - I feel a south-of-France Social coming on.

goneforeign said...

Thank you Paradise, you've given me an opportunity to make a simple off topic comment which you won't understand since most of it pre-dates you.
Last year we were chattering about something and I said I'd like to get rid of a huge blackberry bramble that was invading my garden, it ran the full width, 100+ feet and had encroached about 10-15 feet in, someone said 'Roundup' and the penny dropped. Abahachi was miffed and I totally understand and share his pov, but since he didn't offer to come and dig it all out I no choice. I waited until the spring when the blackberries were in full foliage and then I gave them a serious spraying, within a few weeks they were all obviously dead.
This week I hired my mate with the tractor/bulldozer to come and clear the entire area, there was a slight problem since we have 3 dogs and the brambles had been the fence, now they were only allowed out when chained to a tree, they were not happy. But Friday evening and much of yesterday we installed 200 ft of new dog proof fence, a vast improvement. Next I'm going to dig a full width trench, line it with scrap galvanised roofing panels[to prevent roots going where they will] and transplant a row of 20ft bamboo to be a screen.
So, to whoever said 'Roundup', My thanks, it worked.
And re. that South of France social, I'm up for that, what do you do, turn right at London?

BloodyParadise said...

The idea's got legs alright, but you-all might not, after a session here: Gaston's 'wine'(it's another of our little jokes, or Trade-Secrets as he insists) is 14% and one fifty a litre . . .