Friday, August 21, 2009


I'm So Glad
Pallet on the Floor
Weary Hearted Blues
Weary Prodigal Son
Hot Milk
Ol Man River
Venus in Furs
Six Hours to Louisiana, Black Coffee growing Cold
Sleep the CLock Around
I'm So Tired
Venus in Furs
Tired Hippo
I've Been Tired
Rebellion (Lies)
Boxing My Shadow


AliMunday said...

Great music as always, Steenbeck.

steenbeck said...

Thanks, AliMunday...

I have a very strange question for all y'all...

David remembers some youTube videos I played for him, and it could have been a couple of years ago, but I feel like it was an RR influence. He remembers it being very good, bluegrass alt/country beardy young men. and he remembers concert footage in Europe. ?????????? I have no idea. He thought for a second it might be the Mountain Goats, but they aren't beardy and it sounded wrong. Does anybody have any idea who it might be?

Shoey said...

Will Oldham is hairy. Iron & Wine is a man looking over a hedge. Fleet Foxes are worryingly hirsute. Any help?

steenbeck said...

Shoey--thank you for playing guess the beardy boy band. As a prize for being first contestant you can have another of Shane's cookies.

Apparently there were lots of fellows and a stand-up bass. I feel like if it was anybody as well-known as I & W or FF I'd remember. but who knows?

Mnemonic said...

Young Republic?

nilpferd said...

Nothing like a glass of Hot Milk.. love that track.
The tired Hippo is also nice.
Otherwise am really enjoying I've been tired and Boxing my shadow. Can't help you with the youtube search, sorry.

Mnemonic said...

Micah Hinson? His first album had the Earlies as backing band; there are 11 of them and some of the male ones are very hairy.

steenbeck said...

I don't know if it was him, Mnemonic, but I like him!! What a find.

ejaydee said...

Hmm, I wanted to listen to the rest of the playlist but the media player doesn't seem to be playing.

lambretinha said...

Hiya Steen!

I wasn't going to suggest anything, but since you're giving away cookies... ;) Lots of bands could fit that description, but for some reason it made me think of Chatham County Line (they're not so big on the beard front, but they're more bluegrass than the acts mentioned so far).

steenbeck said...

Thanks, Lambretinha--we might never figure out which band it is, but I'm learning about so much good music! Your cookie is in the mail.

Ejay, it should work now. I added the media player to mine, which should work for all the other lists on the page (including yours, which I'm looking forward to listening to.) And I'm excited about the AOTW, too. I think it's good to introduce different genres.