Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Guitars

I just felt like posting this picture.

It is my Squier (by Fender) Standard Telecaster. It is a great guitar to play and has that classic telecaster sound. I tend to keep this one in a dropped D tuning, although I have tuned it to DAGDAD or open E as well.

My other guitar is behind it, a really great rock guitar, a twin humbucker Squier Telecaster Custom. It has a lot of growl and oomph, especially with a fair amount of overdrive for those Led Zeppelin or AC/DC moments.

Squier guitars used to have a dodgy reputation, mainly down to the entry level Affinity range, but the standards and customs are excellent, not quite up to Fender standards but probably getting close.


Blimpy said...


Shoegazer said...

Can you 'Spill us a riff/solo/chewn? Go on.

CaroleBristol said...

I have no recording facilities, Shoey.

Shoegazer said...

No Pc with mike to hand? Do you have/ can you borrow an i-phone - can record pretty much anything with a button press & save as an mp3. Got shoeteen's school jazz concert (trombone solo), also handy for gigs.

sourpus said...

Ive always loved Tele's. Any kind of Tele's. Never liked the look or the feel of a Strat. Too macho for me. Give me a nice asexual, workman-like, solid (as in dependable? maybe..) body, single coil Tele - every time. Almost any colour you like.

Apart from a Fender Jag (pure vanity) and a Gibson 335, its the only electric ive ever pictured myself holding. I honestly love these things. Two fine examples here - thanks for sharing.

Of course, ive had the real thing through my hands many times for recording, videos and the like, but somehow managed never to own one. One day soon, your post has reminded me, I have to put that right.