Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Three Craws, Pittenweem.

Ha, ha ha - please ignore the crapptitude of the above snap. 

What you can't really see there is a picture from the show I went to yesterday. 

The Three Craws is usually King Creosote, James Yorkston, and The Pictish Trail singing songs that (mostly) aren't theirs and having a right old knees up. 

However, Pictish was ill, so we got two Craws instead, and then substituted one Lone Pigeon for the second half of the set (as well as Uncle Beesly and OnTheFly as the rhythm section). Lone Pigeon is Gordon Anderson, of the Beta Band and The Aliens, who is a rare sight to see performing. 

Songs by other Fence Collective artists were performed, there was bawdy joke telling, hilarious improvised songs, Beta Band covers, old folk tunes like Blue Bleezin Blind Drunk, Aliens covers, a rousing version of Cod Liver Oil and The Orange Juice (Hamish Imlach), and a cover of The Droving Song by a local chap who passed away recently who used to close the Pittenweem festival. 

Tea and biscuits were served after a hilarious set from Gummi Bako, who opened, and did a cover of the Thundercats theme in the style of James Yorkston. 

It's so lovely to go to a gig where everyone is having so much fun, on and off stage. I kinda think I've seen the end of attending crowded club gigs...


TatankaYotanka said...

Crapptitudinous photography accommodated Blimpy; sounds like heap big fun. My favourite Jackie Leven (official) bootleg, 'Men In Prison', has a painting of Pittenweem harbour on the cover ... him being a man of Fife his self.

Dominia said...

Sounds uproarious fun.
What was Hamish's hero drinking (apart from cod liver oil) "VP & Cider"? Some knockout Glasgow brew we Sassenachs haven't caught up with yet?

Blimpy said...

cheers fr the comments!

i think VP is some sort of brandy (VB?) but I'm not sure - either way it'll get ye tae blootered tae gae a lumber.

i don't know much about the history of the song, having only seen the 3 craws performing it until i youtubed hamish imlach today.

TatankaYotanka said...

VP is/was a brand of 'British' Sherry made in Kingston Upon Thames. Slightly down market from the equally sickly Buckfast Tonic Wine. VP stands for Vine Products, The name of the company.

Japanther said...

sounds ace Blimpy.

Just out of curiosity, what Beta Band tune(s) got covered?

Blimpy said...

"She's The One"

cauliflower said...

I had no idea Pittenweem hosted such excitement! One of my arts heroes lives there. I wonder if he joins the knees-ups.

I was on my way to Cropredy hoping for a similar riot of fun but was sunstruck in Cornwall at the weekend, only slowly getting over it, so if the rain doesn't let up I'll miss it.

Hope everyone had hols as good as this.

Big Mac & Large Flahs said...

Pittenweem is a hotbed of artistry of all types. What's the artist's name? I'll pop in at nxt year's festival to see them!