Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Copy Paste?

So I was trying to post my playlist for the first RR social, since I thought that Steenbeck wanting to see our playlists was partly what started this thing, but when I try to paste it in the text box, it appears under it. Has anybody tried this before?


goneforeign said...

I've had that happen, I think I just kept at it or else Safari crashed as seems to have started doing.

Steenbeck said...

I had that problem yesterday. In the Help section, it says paste to notebook and then paste to the post. But I don't know what notebook is.
It worked for me to paste it directly into the "Edit HTML" version of the post, so you could try that. Hope it works, I want to see that playlist.

goneforeign said...

Ejay: I just checked all the music that would play, several won't, urbana, kamaal, luchini, I liked it all, especially 'construction' and Caetano; Shuggy lives somewhere close by, his father has a house about a mile away. I've been watching/hearing him since he was a kid, he grew up in LA and was at the annual Watts festival quite often. That 'autograph' in Cataeno reminded me that when I was a photographer I always carried a few 4 by 5 cards in my case and asked musician subjects to give me an aotograph on one, I intended to incorporate them into the photos. I've got quite a few and a friend who collects such things bugs to sell 'em to him, they're apparently worth quite a bit.
You must be familiar with 6 degrees records? they're at http://www.sixdegreesrecords.com
Check their catalog, I've got quite a few, used to feature them on air a lot. They do a lot of Brazilian. Your mention of Trio Mocoto made me go in the other room and pull them, I have their 'Samba Rock' on that label. Do you know Issa Bagayogo, he's from Mali and has two CD's, I like 'em both, check Sya, plus there's some interesting stuff on their two Frikywa discs, west African dub mixes.

Blimpy McFlah said...

that has happenbed to me a olot, i think th notebook is the bit below that it likes pasting to.