Sunday, January 13, 2008

Laura Cantrell

Steenbeck was asking about Laura Cantrell’s music after I nominated one of her songs for the train list, so I thought I’d put up a song of hers. Although her music is by and large very traditional country, I think she may be a little better known for it in the UK than she is in the US – she was originally signed to a little Glaswegian label run by Francis MacDonald from Teenage Fanclub and became a big favourite of John Peel’s, who called her first album “my favourite of the past 10 years and possibly of my life”. Which is not a bad recommendation, all in all. Anyway, this is not actually the song I was recommending but as it’s called “Two Seconds” it’s nevertheless highly appropriate for the blog (even if she’s got a thing or two to learn about spelling).


Steenbeck said...

Thanks, El Derino. Here's a link to WFMU's radio thriftshop, where she was proprietress for years, before she went to (I believe) Scotland. She was so funny and understated...I always loved her show. And her theme song was that jumping off the Tallahassee bridge one (she has about 500 versions) that's such an RR joke. My husband said her heard her interviewed just today, of all the strange coincidences on the NPR show AMerican Roots, so I'll look for a link for that, too.

el derino said...

I think she's still based in New York, but she had a baby not so long ago so may have taken time off - she did do a series of shows for Radio Scotland a little while back, but I think it was just a one off.

Thanks for adding the picture and website link Blimpy (assuming it was you...or the resident blog pixie) - would recommend When The Roses Bloom Again, Not The Tremblin Kind and Bees for anyone interested in hearing a few more tracks.