Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Never Gonna Happen!

Okay then, off the back of Shiv's funny-shaped heads, and Steenbeck's hugely anticipated Duck RR list, I would like recommendations for:

RR topics that will NEVER happen. 

Leave your recommendations in the comments, and we'll compile a top 10 and post it on Friday's RR. 

(hopefully this reverse psychology will fry Our Guru's head, and we'll get what we really want!)


Mr DNA said...

Readers recommend: songs about estuaries

Readers recommend: songs about the public sector borrowing requirement

Readers recommend: songs about Arthur Mullard

Readers recommend: songs about catamarans

Readers recommend: songs about flour

ejaydee said...

Songs for a Wednesday afternoon

Songs About the economy - I actually thought of this one today while hearing some soul tune form the mid 70s.

treefrogdemon said...

Songs about frogs

Songs about terrorism (pity, as RT has an ace one and so does Broooce)

Songs about 70s interior design

Blimpy said...

Songs about marmosets

Songs about cigarettes

Songs about the British liberal press

Songs about baldy heads

Songs about how your bitch girlfriend ran off with the bass player from Dodgy

saneshane said...

songs about the colour orange
(i've done's tuff)

cups of tea songs
(this is quite fun)

songs about cacti
(this is really hard)

songs by dodgy 'bout knicking someones girlfriend.

Hairy songs to counterbalence baldy ones...
Tunng..It's because...we've got hair, starts you off!

Cigarette songs would come under smoking Blimpy..done dec 2005 I think..there was a run of dancing, drinking then smoking.

Has monsters ever been done?
or songs about King Kong...

Mr DNA said...

Readers recommend: songs about holy relics

Readers recommend: songs about the Ottoman Empire

Readers recommend: songs about complex carbohydrates

Readers recommend: songs about joinery

Readers recommend: songs about the unutterable futility of it all

Readers recommend: songs about the preoccupations of the Grateful Dead

Readers recommend: songs about this and that

Readers recommend: songs about soil

Blimpotron said...

Songs about hair would be tremendous, I feel a list coming on!!

(Headed up by Pavement's Cut Your Hair, natch)

nilpferd said...

I suggested hair as a future theme some time around christmas on RR... I also have a few tracks in mind for it..
I would also be keen to have a set on Greek Mythology...

nilpferd said...

Oh, and songs including the names of elements of the periodic table, of course..

steenbeck said...

Songs by people wearing bandanas or riding around in jaguars.

Songs about root vegetables. (Is sweet potato a root vegetable?)

ShivSidecar said...

nilpferd - never heard Tom Lehrer's song itemising the elements?
Nick Haeffner's "Furious Table" also attempts to humanise the periodic table...

nilpferd said...

Shiv- of course I have- it's the only reason I got an A- in first stage chemistry.. but I was actually thinking about The The's Sodium light baby...

TonNL said...

Songs about brown paper bags

treefrogdemon said...

Songs about unspeakable perversions.

ShivSidecar says it belongs over here.

Tempusfugit said...

Songs about lists.

Readers recommend songs of Bruce Springsteen covered by Steeely Dan.

Songs about stem cell procedures.

Songs about existentialism - or maybe that's the theme for this week.

Songs about post-modernism and deconstruction.

Songs about the paintings of Titian.

Songs about sand.