Friday, January 11, 2008

Night Train to Munich

Good evening all - 1st post here - big thanks for getting this up and running Blimpy, hope it will be a good place for us to hang out and share tracks!

Anyway, first things first, my biggest Train recommendation is Al Stewart's "Night Train to Munich" - I just love the sound of this - Django Reinhardt-esque swingy guitar and a sinister atmosphere, strange tales of spies meeting on dark continental foggy railway platforms - as mysterious an evocation as the Carol Reed film it is based on.

Check out this live performance from what I assume is a Los Angeles record store in the mid 90s - such a gloriously energetic and effortless performance!

Hope you enjoy!

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goneforeign said...

Bandito: That was great and such good quality, perfect sound and pic. I don't understand why a youtube is so much easier to play than an audio track which has to be downloaded.