Thursday, January 10, 2008

Readers Recommend- The Overspill - an introduction

Welcome comrades!

Some points about this blog:

1. Any RRer can join as an author, and begin posting, click the email link in the sidebar to get invited.

2. You can post about whatever you want, naturally this blog is music inclined but don't let that get in the way.

3. This blog is not meant to detract from the Mothership, but to enhance the GU RR blogging experience, man.
To incorporate the tangents we feel bad about clogging up the GU blog with.
To incorporate the music sharing that wouldn't be allowed on the GU Blog.
And so on...

4. Please leave lots of comments wherever you can, that's the only way this blog will work well - if everyone joins in.

5. Blimpy McFlah will be moderating the blog to begin with, until it's up and running sucessfully, then after that admin rights will be made available to whoever wants them. The current state of the blog is only a starting point, anything and everything is open to change.

6. Dig? Comment below.

7. Don't dig? Comment below.


BeltwayBandit said...

Wow - nice work Blimpy - looks very pro - I haven't got a clue how to use it at the mo but it looks good.

In terms of how it should be used - I think its primary aim should be to facilitate the sharing of music that we can't do at the mothership. I think that to use it for more general chat etc could detract from the main blog (even if it is not meant to) - I mean, it would be a shame if people thought that there was a whole seperate party going on over here!

Probably a good thing to do would be to establish some ground rules - e.g. how many MP3s you can upload (I assume there is a storage limit?), how long they can be up for etc.

Also, it would be helpful to put some sort of sticky on the side to explain to idiots like myself how to join, how to post music etc?

Anyway, good job setting it up and am looking forward to spending some time over here - could be lethal this weekend as I've a lot of work to do!

barbryn said...

Great stuff, but I'll try not to spend TOO long here... Anyway, I wondered if this would be an appropriate place to share a story I thought would amuse any RRers who didn't see it in today's Mirror/Guardian Wrap:

Protest scuppers Cameron's plan to re-create iconic Smiths photo
By Allison Martin 11/01/2008

And heaven knows the trendy-youth-vote-chasing, publicity-seeking Tory leader is miserable now...

David Cameron's desperate bid to boost his street cred by re-creating an iconic photo of The Smiths outside Salford Lads Club was scuppered by protesters yesterday.

Mr Cameron - who reckons he is a huge fan of the legendary 80s band - visited the club on a whistle-stop tour of Salford.

But he was sent packing by demonstrators with placards that read "Salford Lads Not Eton Snobs" and "On Your Bike Cameron".

Matthew Mold, 26, from Salford, said: "This visit is disgraceful. What have the Tories ever done for working-class families?"

Earlier, Mr Cameron opened a new gym set up by boxer Amir Khan in Bolton. Well, he is known for his below-the-belt tactics...


Cameron once told Radio 1 his iPod carries tracks by The Smiths, Radiohead, Pulp, Blur, Bob Dylan, "a lot of reggae" and The Killers

Mr DNA said...

"3 … To incorporate the tangents we feel bad about clogging up the GU blog with"

Oh, was I supposed to have been feeling bad about doing that?!

I'm enjoying the references to Readers Recommend as 'The Mothership'; do you think it would be a good idea to have the RR link big and prominent and obvious somewhere, since that's what The Overspill is an adjunct to? In fact, where it says "This is the blog for the G.U. Readers Recommend Community" in the sidebar there, could you turn that into a link back to RR? Just a suggestion.

Otherwise, well done Blimpy McFlah!

Mnemonic said...

Given our guru's excellent review of Hans Joachim Roedelius in the Grauniad today, it occurred to me that I might not be the only RRer booked to see Harmonia at QEH on 18th April. How would I set up a post inviting other RRers to say if they are attending?

Blimpy McFlah said...

Mnemonic, create your own post about it!

mr dna -will do!

beltway bandit, as the mp3s aren't directly hosted on this site, there aren't any limits.

Blimpy McFlah said...

barbryn - that would have made a nice article on the blog, are you going to post it up?

and thanks to everyone who's said nice things about hte blog so far, it's much appreciated!

Mnemonic said...

That's my question, Blimpy. How do I create a post?

Blimpy McFlah said...

Oh, but you did it before!

Click on "new post" at the very top of the blog, if that's not there, check and see if you're signed in.

Mnemonic said...

Aha, that "new post" only appears about a minute after I launch the blog. It starts off as just a white line. I thought I'd only commented so far, not made a post, but I'll try now.

DarceysDad said...

Evening all. I'm here but utterly flummoxed on how to get around these pages as yet! As per normal, blame my lack of sleep. Give me a couple of days to get up to speed, please.

Zephirine said...

Hi all, I'm an occasional visitor to RR and seems like a real nice little interweb community y'all have there - just wanted to wish you luck in the new overspill home!

Blimpy McFlah said...

Thanks so much, zepherine, if you want to join and post thoughts up, please click the email link on the sidebar, everyone's welcome.

nilpferd said...

Great effort, Blimpy.. you're already up for the 2008 RR awards.. ;-)
Maybe it would be a good idea to put in a sidebar explaining the etymology of "donds", since the question comes up quite often on RR...

Blimpy McFlah said...

Good idea, nilp.

If you write it as a blog post, I can then link back to it from the sidebar so it'll always be accessable.

Each separate blog post has its own unique url.

I remember there's been some great stuff written on the board about Donds, especially the faux dictionary definitions, they were really funny.

nilpferd said...

I'll do an edit of some of the RR posts about donds this evening- Alexak did a good summary if I remember correctly.

gordonimmel said...

I'm only trying out a comment here to see if I can contribute anything to this site. Basically I think it's right on the edge of my computer knowledge and my computer's capacity.
If this posts up then ignore my comment on the main blog at 10.40 AM

debbym said...

Just wanted to go with the flow and join in the praise here: this Overspill certainly looks good! I won't be contributing anything in the immediate future as my ancient and decrepit PC cannot support even a soundcard (it also can't open the email link to sign up here), but I hope that the day will come.
Would greatly appreciate a run-down on the history of the *dond*, and may I ask, as 2nd-week-only-newly-converted, why there is a playlist AND a B list? Looking back through ancient postings, I wasn't aware that there are TWO lists (and was puzzled by the moniker *B list*) - has this always been the case? if not , when was it introduced (or is the B list only brought into play when more than 300 tracks are nominated in any given week)? Is there just as much prestige in hitting the B list as the playlist (or possibly more)?! I don't want to block the RR blog with loads of questions, bringing the wrath of hundreds of dedicated RRers, all desperate to name THAT tune, down upon me, so I'm posting them here for the chosen few (hope you don't mind)

gordonimmel said...

That's more than the usual amount of questions we get on those subjects but here's the answers, to the best of my knowledge.
Dond derived on RR from 'second' being misspelt 'sedond' which was much copied before being shortened to 'dond' (by BlimpyMcFlah if I recall). It then quickly went on a linguistic journey around the world adopting variants such as 'megadond', 'dondle' 'gedondelt','dondelissimo' etc.

The 'B' List isn't official. Only songs on the main published list get onto the A-Z of songs already chosen and which, by definition will not be chosen again (even as cover versions). The B List began about about a year ago when Dorian got tired of explaining, in the main blog, that such-and-such a song had interested him but had just failed to make the published list. It might give one a faint glow but (for me anyway) it's not as good as getting into the A List - although sometimes there's a bit of suprise or relief that Dorian has even listened to one of my nominations never mind liking it.

Hope that answers. As somebody has already suggested we should have a link to the explanation for 'dond' and 'B List' 'cos it confuses so many people.

debbym said...

Many thanks, gordonimmel, for taking the time - much appreciated! I'm off to peruse nilpferd's Potted History of Dondism now...

Tim H said...

I think any contributions of mine to this site will have to wait until I've updgraded both my computer and connection; it's more than my ancient laptop can cope with, and blogspot is blocked by the firewall at work :(

- Tim (Kalyr)