Friday, January 18, 2008

These are a few....

Hamid Baroudi an Algerian has lived in France and then Germany where he fronted the group Die Dissidenten. Desert Roots is from his album 'City no Mad', 1994, it's a cut I play frequently.

Dobosz: Unfortunately all the notes on this CD are in French, which I don't speak so I have to appreciate the music purely for the sound; which I do, I have 3 of their CD's. The lead singer is Dennis Péan, the backups are Nadia and Yamina Nid El Mourid. This is From Boheme de Crîstal, 1999.

King Tubby was the originator of of dub, many afficianados consider this cut to be his greatest single achievement; it's a remix of Prince Alla's"Stone". It's on the Rough Guide to 'Reggae' 1997.

Margie by Dave McKenna: I included this because he's not widely known and I think he deserves the widest exposure, I've heard him described as the greatest jazz pianist in the world! I think he's fantastic, I have everything I can find by him; this one's from 'My Friend the Piano' on Concord, 1987


nilpferd said...

great, you got it sorted!
Nice mix.
Now you have to write a users guide for Podbean, seeing as you've been fighting with it for a while- your description of how to do it will probably be more useful than mine was!

goneforeign said...

Nilpferd; Your's was perfect, it's what I followed but I had the most frustrating experience when I got to the 'paste the code' bit, it just wouldn't paste, I tried dozens of times and wondered if you'd overlooked one small detail. Finally I 'tested' the paste by pasting to a document on my desktop and it worked! I was amazed at how much there was since you can't see it at Podbean but I went ahead and tried one last time and it worked. I've no idea what changed.

Blimpy McFlah said...

Dubosz are fab, love it!

goneforeign said...

Oops, sorry, my mistake, Dubosz is the cut, Lo'Jo is the group.