Sunday, August 2, 2009

Making hyperlinks stick.

Is there a quick way to add a hyperlink?

I must have accidentally stumbled across it for the Carnaval del Pueblo post but for the Drum Circles thingy, I can't make the links stick.

Thanks, Caitlin

Hypercats pic from funny pics (thanks Coach).


ToffeeBoy said...

Hey Caitlinpuss!

It's very difficult to explain this here because when you try to demonstrate the correct syntax, the blog software turns it into a hyperlink!

So in the following explanation, where ever I use a bracket like this

[ or ]

I actually mean that you should use

< or >

You need to enclose the whole of the url that you want to link yo (including the http:// bit) like this:

[a href="http://xxxxx.htm"]Name of link[/a]

You can write whatever you like where it says Name of Link.

So in the example you gave I can make a link that looks like this:

Dangerpuss hyperlink

Dangerpuss said...

Thankyou! All fixed.