Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A couple of ideas.

Two thoughts:
1. Could we have a section over there on the left where all the various 'how to' instructions would be, and I'd hope that they would be absolutely specific so that even an idiot could follow them to instant success, maybe with diagrams. As it is now I got lost trying to remember which section had which bits of info in it, it made it very frustrating, time consuming and difficult. I know that not everyone is so afflicted.

2. This might be a good idea if we could figure out how to do it right.
The thought is that every week each member could post one 'song', not on any specific theme, just something they wanted to share, so that we'd have a list of say, as it now stands, 20 odd songs. We might have a rating system where maybe 50% gets cut thus giving us a list of 10 favourites that everyone could access, or we could just stay with whatever we get, in a way it's similar to what's happening next door. From this group I think the 'list' would be wonderful every week.
There's all sorts of potential problems, ie supposing we get BIG!, with lots of posts, it starts getting cumbersome. Another consideration would be to try and collect all the posts into one place to keep it tidy, it would be better than having long, extended streams of individual posts which would be punctuated with all sorts of other business. So is there a method whereby we could all post into the same 'pot'?
Is this worth further discussion or should we just go ahead and send up favourites as we will anyway?


Blimpy said...

If you tag posts, they can then be accessed via the same 'pot'

goneforeign said...

Blimpy: Not sure what 'tag posts' means but I notice in the 'create post' box there's a 'show all' in the bottom right corner adjacent to 'labels for this post', a click reveals a partial list of topics on our front page. If I were to choose Ejays social CD list and post a song, does that mean that it would go into that group? Hope so, 'cos that would make my other idea a lot tidier. I don't want to test on his piece and possibly mess it up.

nilpferd said...

Tags are just categories for the posts, I think- I don't think you can change a post by another blogger.
Goneforeign, I'm not sure we need any framework like the one you suggest, posting songs and rating them, etc, or making lists.
I see this site more as an opportunity to spontaneously share music if and when the "need" arises, especially the tracks we can't post to GU RR.
One thing I would suggest- a zone where people could place requests for music they'd like to hear- anyone who had it could then post it.

Blimpy McFlah said...

I think i got the wrong end of the stick, re my first post.

I agree with `nilp , that, if someone likes a certain song posted in a player, that then they can ask for it, and the poster will provide it.

(there's a way of doing this on macs, whereby any music being "streamed" is actually being held in your "cache" on your hard drive, so it's already on your computer anyways. by pressin alt-apple-a simultaneously you can find the mp3 and transfer it to your desktop. i think if record labels knew this, it would mean an end to high quality streaming on their sites)

Mr DNA said...


When Blimpy says you can 'tag posts' I think he means you can decide what (relevant) keywords to label your post with so that, if someone searches the site using any of those keywords, your post will come up in the search. For example, you could tag your picture of Jasmine with keywords such as 'Jasmine', 'dog', 'frog', 'boxer', 'biting', 'pet', 'photo' and so on. I'm assuming 'labels for this post' is where you'd do that.

Also, if we collectively decided on a few standard tags such as 'song', 'picture', 'rant', 'recipe' etc, we could then have an index organising the posts by those subjects. It may be a bit much to expect people to remember/be bothered with it; I guess it depends how frustrating the freeform approach turns out to be.

nilpferd said...

Actually I meant more the music you haven't heard yet, but would like to.

Someone might have it in their collection, and could then post it up for you to hear.

We could also find a place for the " do I get into so-and-so, what should I listen to?" questions, there's an opportunity here for fans of particular artists to make their case with a playlist, JAP style.