Tuesday, January 15, 2008

EJD's Social CD#1 [Part 2]

The Future by Prince from Batman - another last minute introduction. Well I'm sure the prince enthusiasts will know this, but I love this driving, locomotive tense beat.

Eau Et Gaz Tous Les Etages by Serge Gainsbourg from Aux Armes Et Caetera - another pet recommendation of mine. "Why" you ask? Well first it's got an amazing "riddim" (most likely by Robbie & Sly) and then the lyrics...aaah the lyrics. Rarely has a grown man, recognised musician and composer been so brilliantly immature. One last time a (unsatisfying) translation:
"My little willie,
out of my zipper,
I pee and fart,
while going up the stairs to Kate's,
Morality, water and gas on all floors"
You see, it relates to the fact that at some point, not all Parisian buildings had running water and gas on all floors, you see what he did there... I'll get me coat..

Tempo Perdido by Legião Urbana from Legião Urbana Dois - I have no idea who they are or when this is from, but I like it's 80's indie-pop sound.

Sheffield Shanty by Monkey Swallows The Universe from The Bright Carvings - This one of the songs that just brings a smile to my face and all they needed was a harp (at least I think it's a harp) to make it this beatiful and gracious. Plus inserting a particular Paul Simon lyric can do you no harm

(I Can) Deal With That by Dee Edwards from The Kings of Funk [Keb Darge] - Straight up soul, straight up quality.

Não Adianta by Trio Mocotó from Música De Futebol - Yes another Brazilian song, but don't worry it's almost over. They were Jorge Ben's backing band during his best years, and here they shine on their own, with again a brilliant horn section. I got this version from a football compilation, which is why you'll hear crowds cheering, but i think it makes it better, and added to the crescendo of the horns, gives me goosebumps


Billy Jack by Curtis Mayfield from There's No Place Like America Today - For some reason, I've never wholeheartedly got into Curtis Mayfield, but I can't argue with this one.

Try Me by Esther Phillips from The Best Of Esther Phillips (1962-1970) - Another soul number sung by a woman, warms my winter days.

Os Argonautes by Caetano Veloso from Antologia 67/03 (Disc 1) - Last brazilian, I swear!! I think this is made to sound like the Portuguese navy equivalent of a sea shanty. The lyrics: "to sail is essential, to live isn't", sung so honestly, leave me speechless.

Boys Of Melody by The Hidden Cameras from Shortbus - heard them on the soundtrack to Shortbus, and I think the strings are by the same bloke who does them for Arcade Fire. This is another one that make me think I'm like Nelly Furtado in the video for I'm like a Bird (spinning, arms open, looking at the sky with a stupid smile on my face, while birds chirp and money and carebears fall from the sky). Anyway it's got a brilliant crescendo, and crescendos are always good. This is a live-ish version.

Two Sleepy People by Earl Hines from The Music Inspired By Hollywood Ending & The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion - And finally a sweet number to listen to with your loved one.

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Mr DNA said...

That Dee Edwards track's real sweet - good call!