Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Am A...


Yeah, Idlewild, from way back when they first started.
Now, I just realised something about this song. 
Idlewild are a Scots band.
In Scots "message" means shopping or errands, as in 
"I'm just off to Tesco to pick up my messages"
"Did you get your messages?"
(it's still commonly used, by the way)
So, when Idlewild sing "I am a message" along with the other lyric from the song about "selling your soul", they're singing about the commodification of music and giving out to "The Man".



Anonymous said...

Alternatively a message is a poop.
Makes for a different reading.

Blimpy McFlah said...

Yep, that explanation seems a lot more likely.

TracyK said...

One of the best live bands I've seen, wish they were still in their spikier 'Roseability' phase though.