Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oh I can't be arsed to cook: boeuf bourguignon

So having massacred one great French classic, I'm working my way through them - is nothing sacred? This one is for Saturday or Sunday evening as it simmers for 2 hours at least. Still - you can use that time on RR or The Overspill. Right?
- Large pieces of chuck steak
- Bottle of red wine
- Large onion
- Packet of lardons or bits of bacon rasher cut up
- 3 beef oxo cubes and a bouquet garni.

1.In a large deep pan, heat up some sunflower oil very hot and then quickly brown the steak lightly.
2. Remove and put aside and put into the pan and cook through the lardons/bacon and onion sliced into rings.
3.Check the red wine by drinking a glass or if you are Nilpferd, let the lady wife check it's OK.
4.Dissolve 2 of the oxo cubes into a mug of boiling water.
5.Put the steak back into the pan with the bacon and onions.
6. Add the mug of stock and half the bottle of wine.
7. Season and put in bouquet garni
8.Cover and simmer on 5.
9.Keep an eye on it as the liquid will boil down.
10.Add another mug of water with the oxo in and the rest of the wine to stop it boiling dry.
11. After 2 hours the steak should be dropping to bits. If not, give it another 30 mins.

Bon appetit. And here's how the pro's do it:


Blimpy McFlah said...

One of my favourite dishes, this.

My mum makes a great one.


nilpferd said...

Actually, I was going to ask you to post exactly this sort of thing last week, as I've got fish fairly well hooked but am all at sea when confronted with large bloody pieces of meat..
And as for the remark about my lady wouldn't work anyway- she hates to drink alone...;-)

Frogprincess said...

Bulgarian isn't she? Schöne Grüsse von mir. They know all about very good, tannic, fruity red wines - which actually would do very well in this dish. But keep a second bottle to hand to go with the meal!! I'll tap the Frogprince for a few more good meat recipes for you - he knows about these things...

Frogprincess said...

And if you can't get the Oxo cubes in sunny Montabauer bei Stuttgart -the Knorr klare Bratensaft powder or cubes will do the trick. I fantasise about being an opera singer called Clara Bratensaft. Brilliant stage name or what?

nilpferd said...

Romanian actually, Ms Bratensaft- wars have been started for less ;-)
And their red wine isn't really up to much, to be honest.
I've been trying some of the organic wines available through the Alnatura chain recently, not at all bad.
Keep the meaty ones coming- and the timing is good.. Saturday is my cooking-for-leisure day.

Frogprincess said...

Oops 'Tschuligung! I DO know the difference. Just had Bulgaria in memory. I'll concentrate on meat over the next few weeks then. BTW do you drink German wine from Baden-Württemberg? There's a Dürrbacher which isn't half bad from round Offenburg. I sometimes get it in when I'm sick of all the French reds. Which admittedly doesn't happen often....

Mnemonic said...

You can keep Oxo cubes. I think Bovril adds that extra touch. I'll dig out my daube Provencale for you, Nilpferd. Takes six hours to cook.

Abahachi said...

There are in fact few cuts of meat that won't taste good after being cooked for a couple of hours in wine - and the meat juices can improve even a dodgy bottle of wine (as tested on my homemade blackcurrant stuff). I'm looking forward to the Daube recipe, if only because I can then feed in my cheat's version (only 2 hours cooking).

Incidentally, one of my major complaints about the UK is that it's impossible to get decent German wine; presumably it all gets consumed locally. I'd go for Lembacher if I could get it, and Franken Silvaner for a white.

Frogprincess said...

Also interested in the Daube recipe. German wine? Liebfraumilch, anybody? Blue Nun? :O)

Sarah G said...

When I can get the guinness (usually when someone brings some over) I make boeuf à la guinness (or should it be au guinness?) for our French friends. It usually goes down pretty well, although I think they think the fact it's edible is an aberration and that all British food is really awful.

nilpferd said...

There's lots of good B-W wine, I don't know much about the Badener wines but here in Stuttgart city Weingut Jürgen Ellwanger (Fellbach) and Weinmanufaktur Untertürkheim are two very good vineyards. Despite my location I'm not a big Lembacher/Trollinger fan though, I prefer the German whites, Dornfelders or Spätburgunders. I order regular shipments from a vineyard in the Pfalz and top them up with local and organic wine. If I get homesick for NZ wines I turn to Spanish Ruedas or Sav. B's from Chile.