Monday, January 14, 2008

Quiz time

Who are these 4 guys?  I'm specifically interested in the last two, the one blowin' and the guy at the end. A hint is that I think they all played with Woody Herman & Stan Kenton. Thje picture was taken in 1987. One of them has been mentioned several times on RR recently.

This is the guy I'm most interested in, he played on the West Coast.

The winner gets a gold star and goes to the top of the class! 


nilpferd said...

1987 was the year Woody Hermann died, so at a guess it was a "four brothers" tribute concert. Giuffre would be the recently mentioned saxophonist, but I know the faces of these guys only from their 50's and 60's LP's, so can't really identify any of them. Zoot Sims had died already; Al Cohn might have been one of the players, possibly the one in the foreground.

goneforeign said...

Very good, two out of four, four brothers.
Al Cohn 1st, Jimmy Guiffre second and the two I need 3 & 4.
I think it's Med Flory or Bill Perkins and Bob Cooper but I'm not positive.

Mr DNA said...

Yeah, not easy to tell, but I reckon it's Bill Perkins.

Mr DNA said...

Sorry, to clarify: I think it's Med Flory and Bill Perkins, not Bob Cooper. Maybe.

Or Nick Nolte...

ShivSidecar said...

lonnie and RockingMitch - know 'em anywhere. Playing "Round Midnight".

(Or maybe Toto reform for the 40th anniversary RR social?)