Friday, July 17, 2009

Cruel & Not So Kind

Rhythm Of Cruelty
Bill Gates Must Die
The Hold (Tight Packing)
Do You Remember Those Days Of Slavery?
Wings Off Flies
The Aging Young Rebel (Gentle Cruelty)
No Children
Suffering Jukebox
Diamonds In The Mine


Blimpy said...

Note to self - do not bleary eyed click on a track called twat after having only been awake for a few short minutes.

Shoey said...

I'm sorry that you didn't like twat before breakfast.

Japanther said...

these all sound great too, just loaded the playlist into the iPod to take to work..

Japanther said...

excellent stuff Shoey - really liked the Silver Jews track. They are a band who i've always known about but never listened to, this track was like a countrified Flaming Lips, which is a good thing in my book.
Broken Family Band was good too, I know that song from somewhere, but i'm not sure where.
"Twat" was most enjoyable too!

Shoey said...

Saw the Jews last year, very fine apart from the female singer (related to another band member, I think) who was truly awful. Had to retreat to the bar whenever she took the mike.