Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pour encourager les autres

This is Admiral John Byng, whose trial and execution for not chasing the French diligently enough was satirised by Voltaire as being done to make all the other admirals try harder. A bit cruel, you might say; and here are some more cruel people.

Cruel Sister - Pentangle
The Cruel Brother - Five Hand Reel
The Cruel Mother - Shirley Collins
The Cruel Ship's Captain - Bryan Ferry

Cruel Sister is bethnoir's recommendation.


tincanman said...

Looks like he's been on an eating Bynge

bethnoir said...

Thanks for the acknowledgment, I wondered about that Bryan Ferry track too, lots of good stuff on Rogue's Gallery isn't there?

I'm never quite sure in the last stanza if the cruel dark haired sister does actually cry, it seems to be left open, what do you think?