Sunday, July 5, 2009

Talk to me ... no, not you, you one-eyed freak!

A gratuitous and juvenile link, I'll grant you. But it is a DsD fave, and everyone on the mothership is playing "too cool for school" to give it any donds [Dondle, in this case, surely?! - Ed.] And yes, it does put me in conflict with my own stance on artists and their off-stage antics, but what the hell!

No, my REAL reason for posting today - before we head off to Cleckheaton, so I'm not around again until this evening - is to ask for individual line-by-line, idiot-step by idiot-step, instructions on how to use my newly-installed Audacity. I can't follow their own tutorials past the first sentence without glazing over. If I can get it together, the inaugural DsD podcast will follow shortly.

So over to you . . .


nilpferd said...

Treat Audacity as you would a tape deck: Line in is either microphone or "stereomix", selectable via the box in the middle top. Volume level settings for input and output are at the top right, and controls for recording, playback, etc to the left. Under Edit-preferences you can select the location of your microphone and stereo input under Audio I/O, the other preferences can be left as they are. The specialized selection tools upper left aren't really necessary, it can be useful to zoom in and out though. Use the mouse to set the cursor at a particular place to start recording, or to cut-and-paste fragments. Set it up to record from mic for your voiceover, then either record in "real time" (ie, play an MP3 or CD on another software application, and simply record the sound as "Stereomix" on Audacity) or insert whole MP3 tracks after your voiceovers- this is the easier way to do it, if you don't necessarily want to speak over the start of a track. I got my hour long podcast done in one go; you can then export it as an MP3, and you're done. What I did find with my old computer was that I had to be careful opening windows while it was recording, because it tended to retard the speed of the clip, etc.

DarceysDad said...

Danke, Herr Hippo.

Bought a mike today, so may have a test go tonight once all others in bed.

DarceysDad said...

Ok. Got microphone working, kind of.
But the box you claim I can get "Stereomix" from, and Audacity's tutorial says I should be able to select "Mic" from, is staying stubbornly greyed-out. Nothing in it; won't let me select it.
Any thoughts?

Shoey said...

If my post "Fun with PC's" is still in the 'Spill archives, it may help.