Friday, July 17, 2009

Stay Cruel

I don't have too many nominations and they aren't particularly on topic but I haven't done a playlist for a while and I really wanted to put up the Downliners Sect track.
I've been considering the Downliners Sect for a future AOTW, it still might make it, but here is a taster.

The Chloe Poems track is a personal favourite of mine too and should appeal to all good Guardian readers.

One Ugly Child

Mistakes and Regrets
The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock


Just thought i'd add a couple more. First is a track which I can't remember whether i've posted before or not, but it's definitely worth another listen (just not with the kiddywinks around!). The artist is Valerio Camporini Faggioni. The other is The Pony's.

A Polite Man
I Only Love You 'Cause You Look Like Me


Japanther said...

ahh...the links don't work and I have completely forgotten where to find the Dropbox hyperlinks...i've been looking for the last hour!

treefrogdemon said...

Japanther, when you wake up, right-click on your track, hover over Dropbox and left-click Copy Public Link.

Or do it in your sleep if you like.

Shoey said...

Aha - Trail of Dead, great live band. The others sound intriguing. Will have a listen when you've sorted it out & the kids are out of earshot.

Japanther said...

thanks TFD - all sorted out now.

@Shoey, enjoy!

Blimpy said...

And here's me thinking I was the only person in the world who's heard of The Ponys....

Japanther said...

@Blimpy - the Ponys are ace aren't they? I've got two albums of theirs and they both rock!

Shoey said...

Fine choices. One Ugly Child was the surprise for me - couldn't believe how fresh that one sounded. Almost made up for not having a Shane list this week. Thanks.

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