Friday, July 31, 2009

Nomming and donding


Another week where I have been too busy on a Friday to play RR.

This work lark is getting in the way of the important stuff.

Would anyone like to volunteer to cover my conference call with this project I am working on next week?

Experience of database design would be useful ...


nilpferd said...

Sure, Carole- I know a lot about Bata's space- I was in their main shop in Prague only 5 weeks ago. It's a classic of Czech Modern Architecture- I can talk about this stuff all day, no worries. And I use to wear Bata Bullets as a kid!! I'll do it!!

CaroleBristol said...

Great, I'm sold.

I'll email you the project plans and the first cut of the database schema.

I am sure you'll be able to look after the projected performance issues and advise on indexes.

Ta nilpferd!

nilpferd said...

Indexes? I think you mean, like, shoelaces? Really cool people don't wear them these days, Carole- you just basically slip into your sneakers and leave the tongues sort of hanging out. See! I'm helping already!
I don't need any plans of the bata place, I remember it quite well, it is basically just 5 stories worth of open plan shop connected by escalators. Not sure where the loos were though- you might drop me a sketch on the back of an envelope for those.

I'm reminded of the spy trial in the Marx Bros. film Duck Soup-
"Chiccolini, is it true that you sold a code and plans?"
"Sure, I sold a coat and two pair of pants!"

(You may want to reconsider having me launch your Bata project, no hard feelings)