Saturday, July 11, 2009

welcome to the ville 'spill cult 2013

to set the scene (my scene, your scene, always the wrong scene) Ed Harcourt:

Hanging With The Wrong Crowd

electric riot/ jeff lewis/ blockheads
Mods, Rockers, Teds And Skins
Punk Is Dead
Dance Little Rude Boy

k-os/ specials (oh I loved skinhead ska girls!)
B-Boy Stance
Skinhead Girl

now from 18 to 23 we danced in fields titted off our heads like the nutters in the youtube clips.. my friends got vans and kitted them out and we travelled from place to place on occasions bumping into who ever was DJing with Spiral Tribe.
Me, I always got home to my big fat mattress eventually.
Candence Weapon
In Seach Of The Youth Crew

if anyone says 'Hey You' I always answer with "the rock steady crew" or "..the one that looks like Christmas, come over here and kiss me, kiss me" unfortunately my 4 year old now copies me.. he's right on the zeitgeist with his peers!
(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew
Amateur Night at the big Top..
Scooter Girl

Simian are bound to offened.. if you're not in there then you should be offended!
(please don't listen if you are easily offended.. skip it)
El-p.. I love this track.. and yes it probably makes me a middle aged white ex-backpack (this is to do with graffiti) hip hop fan.. I love easy genres.
Jukie Skate Rock
A.R.E Weapons version of a headbanger probably isn't mine.
Headbanger Face

American Analog Set are punk as fuck
Punk as Fuck

and to finish off.. as I have restricted myself so much Galaxie 500 do a lovely cover.. and I certainly didn't waste my experiences of musical cults.. luckily we never had to settle for just one.
Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste
I just noticed we missed post 2000 because blimpy had the audacity to go on holiday and not keep an eye on things... 'spill just gets anarchic without our squire.

enjoy the tunes.... I put 27 in dropbox.. I really did restrict myself honest!


ejaydee said...

There's something weird about yur Rocksteady Crew, I didn't know there was a yodelling version.

saneshane said...

the one before was the yello remix!!

nilpferd said...

Like Scooter Girl and The Youth Crew the most here.. good mix Shane, as ever..

ToffeeBoy said...

@ shane - if you only count published posts, we're still a long way short of 2,000. It always amazes me how many people start a post and never get around to publishing it!

ToffeeBoy said...

134 draft posts - are these being saved to be used as unreleased bonus posts on future editions of the 'Spill?

saneshane said...

that's okay then..toffeeb

I was quite proud of the image for 1000.

I didn't want to miss 2000.

(it would of BUGGED me... a nine year old joke there)

134 drafts, that gives me a while then.

ejaydee said...

THe 'Spill - The Outtakes. Maybe it deserves its own website. To be honest, shouldn't we clean those up, especially the ones that ended up being posted.

Japanther said...

Great playlist as I knew it would be. Most of it I hadn't heard either.

The "Mods, Rockers, Teds and Skins" track was THE standout for me.

Shoey said...

Bah, Disko Boy didn't make it & missed the Yello remix.
Yippee, another fine Shane playlist.

tincanman said...

Nice bit of stuff here.
Enjoyed Mods, rockers....
And A.R.E. weapons was new to me this week and I likey. Velvet Underground lives on.