Friday, July 3, 2009

Please Discuss

Bah, Mothership down for maintenance, it's late & I'm busy tomorrow, so just a quick list, even more tangenital than usual. If any of these are on topic (it get's a bit duety here & there) & not taken, feel free to carry them over for me. Gracias.
I'm 89
That Leaving Feeling
Henry Lee
Alone In The Makeout Room
Broken Telephone
Telephone Thing
9 Crimes
Buried Bones
Special One
Primative Painters


Anonymous said...


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AliMunday said...

Caciocavallo? Fancy a bit of cheese, Gromit?

saneshane said...

This is the special one.. with primative painters next to it.. just made my night.. ta shoey.

saneshane said...

as you put it that telephones could have it's own b- list or some such over on RR.

'songs about telephones and letters'
that was done early on.. The Fall made the top 10.

Proudfoot said...

How dare you assume I want to parlez-vous with you?
You Gretchen Franklin nosey matron thing?
Always worth another listen,
cheers shoey.

Shoey said...

About time you graced us with your presence Mr. P, you have been missed. Hope all is well with you & yours? Does this mean we can expect a cover quiz sometime soon?

Proudfoot said...

Hmm. Cover quiz on dialogue theme? Well there's a challenge.
The 'feet are fine thanks for asking. I had some reduncancy issues and my laptop packed in. Still kept up with the grauniad column but couldn't follow the 'spill online at work or at home for a bit.

steenbeck said...

Who is singing Alone in the Makeout Room? This is quite a mellow list for you, so far. Which is nice because my little ones are making enough jarring noise to set me on edge for the rest of the day. I like I'm 89. And Broken Telephone.

Shoey said...

I do have plenty of jarring noise if you like, but it all sounded more argumentative than discussive. Think this is going to be one of those weeks where you'll think of a good one way after the deadline. The themes do seem to be overlapping a lot lately, this one with phones, hatchet jobs, arguments & duets. Is it time for an rr reboot? Oh, that was The Broken Family Band in the makeout room.