Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just spent a week in LA visiting old friends, the first ones we stayed with were John and Marti in Topanga Canyon, John's a carpenter/artist and Marti's a botanist and works for the National Parks, she needed a new car and they saw this sitting on a car lot, they bought it instantly. It's a new Honda and the paint job was commissioned by the House of Blues in Hollywood as a fund raiser, it was then sold to the car dealer who was having a hard time selling it. Marti's well past middle age and this is the car she drives to the office every day, it draws lots of attention. I've put a folder in the dropbox with some more pictures.


tincanman said...

I'm jealous

saneshane said...

"This car was painted in a garage by Jack....."

I wish the Jack in my garage could paint it would halve my work load!

lovely pics of a unique car GF.

(got my new car on saturday, it's horrible fashionable candy white... paint, brushes, spray cans... I could be some time....)

Dangerpuss said...

Cool car. It's like a mobile mural. It would fit right into one of Honda's quirky adverts.

Thanks for this. It reminds me of an wonderful trip to San Francisco and seeing the brilliant murals there.

http://balmyalley.com whichcan take a whole hour to walk along very slowly (have a look at Precita Eyes)

and the stunning Women's Building, also in the cool Mission District :


I like the man on the car with a chicken on his shoulder. What's that about? He reminds me of the guy who used to walk around Bondi in Sydney with a bamboo rack on his shoulders where his 4 pet cockatoos would sit as he trundled along. Like a Michael Leunig cartoon come to life.

treefrogdemon said...

How wonderful! I get my new car on Monday (hooray) and wish I could murielise it, but it's a lease car so I can't.

Anonymous said...


nilpferd said...

What a crazy coincidence! Here's what Anonymous just wrote-
Topanga Canyon isn't far from where my brother lives, in Westlake Village. We were there in January.
Dangerpuss- the mention of Michael Leunig made me go all nostalgic...

Dangerpuss said...

Nilpferd - have you lived in Australia? Leunig is one of my very favourite cartoonists and makes my little cartoonist junkie heart fly. Bone dry wit and very surreal plus really compassionate at the same time. He's officially a National Treasure these days apparently. Quite right.

For anyone not yet familiar with him http://www.leunig.com.au

or have a look on wikipedia

I wonder how ejaydee's On the Beat would work in a world where ducks walk around with teapots on their heads and people live in curly buildings and everything is offbeat.

Cheers, Caitlin

nilpferd said...

Sure, DP, I grew up in Sydney's extreme eastern suburb, the one 3000 km away (minus 40cm as of last week). I must have been drinking tea out of a Weiss spiny anteater cup for the best part of 25 yrs, and it was a (downtown) Sydneysider friend of my mother's who introduced me to Leunig's books.

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