Friday, July 31, 2009

We Both Go Down Together

Shane & Shoey present the collaborative failure playlist:

Everyone's Starting Over
I've Been Let Down
They're Leaving Me Behind
Breakups Breakdowns
Fallen Not Broken
Wherever You Go
Rusted Guns Of Milan
Wisdom Fail
Losers Weepers, Finders Keepers
Divine Disappointment
I Can't Get Next To You Babe
Let Love Not Weigh Me Down


saneshane said...

Did you think..
'Shoey and Shanes seductive shit list songs gets steenb and fp's tongues twisting cherry sticks'
was too long a title then?

sounds good.. glad to see you got out the bar to add the art!
when do we hit them with part two?.. now for more tea.

saneshane said...

..or was it Tracy with the cherry stalks...?

TracyK said...

It's fine, all us girls look the same anyhoo. I was expecting We Both Go Down Together to be on the list, but you live and learn!

Shoey said...

Twas on the long list, but Steen has cornered the exclusive rights to back catalogue Decemberists.

steenbeck said...

I think This Sporting Life is THE Decemberists' song of the week. It's perfect.

ToffeeBoy said...

I think This Sporing Life is the song of every week.

saneshane said...

Sorry Tracy.. I should have deleted my comment as soon as I noticed that I got it wrong!
(but it's taken all day to realise I could delete on here)

everyone does looks the same in cyberspace anyway.. I try to give people a fun fur friendly monster identity.. the colour is very specific to each persons comment writing... yours still wears DMs and DsD still wears a Dulka Prague away kit... steens has for the last few weeks been writing obscure messages on an order pad 'DOND a Double vegi-cheeseburger or ya song lives for ever in the b list' for instance.

TracyK said...

Now I want to know what colour my monster is, and can I add some stripey socks and hairclips?

saneshane said...

you are black and red menace horizontal stripes..

usually next to the beth noir purple and black goth stripe one

with your husbands monster in blue and white indie boy/town scooby dancing close by...

welcome to my head space!
(they are more fun than Fimbles at least)

TracyK said...

I am very, very pleased with that Shane! Hubby's not very happy that Sir Bobby died on our anniversary but at least I know he won't foget it now!

saneshane said...

All I can say is Happy Anniversary (late).
The man did a wonderful job at Ipswich.. (I'm not very good at the territorial hate) and sometimes got his words in the right order to make sense.. top gent, bad timing (as if any times a good time to go.. but you get my drift)

saneshane said...

just found a comment in my Bugs in the attic post
"Have you heard the new Buck sideproject yet? It's a candidate for my highly anticipated July AOTM pick"
whoops... in my defense..I'm finding e-mails in 3 different places at the moment..spam getting through but the ones I want held up!

the Vinyl arrived today (Bike for three) a pretty storming turn around I say... loving it still.

nilpferd said...

Lots of good stuff here.. particularly enjoyed Everybodys starting over, Lost, Typical, Wisdom Fail, and Fallen, not broken.

Shoey said...

Glad you liked Nilp, there may even be pt. 2. Extra 'Spill points if you can guess which picks were Shane's or mine.

nilpferd said...

Wisdom Fail is Roots Manuva= shane,
Everybody's starting over also sounds like a shane pick, synthpoppy and whimsical (in a good way).
Lost could be either of you, I'll say Shoey, as it's that bit grungier.
Equally I'd put Typical in the shoey box.
Fallen not broken= shane again.
Fun fur Ids for each of you- shoey is wearing dark purple velvet with a blood red crest and highly polished black leather patents to gaze at, Shane is obviously electric orange all over, with white sneakers.

Shoey said...

Ah, you know us so well. 4 Spill points - don't spend them all at once.

nilpferd said...

yep.. I read you guys like a book. No, really, I actually guessed some?! cool!
Speaking of fur monsters, here's a purplehandschuhmonster- not to be confused with a purpleglovemonster- we met in Paris once.

shanemonster said...


unless I got to work on them with a paint pen and doodled over them - in extra orange/klien blue monsters!

I can't picture shoeys monster, yet, slightly flummoxed... patents sound quite apt tho...

you do know yours is in the colour of blueprints.. with odd angular additions.. shouldn't work.. but does..

nilpferd said...

Doodled sneakers are fine by me..

Blueprint coloured fur is ok, as long as it doesn't have to smell like blueprints.. odd angular additions spot on, I also use them as ears..

smellysane said...

... the smell is of a watering hole... I don't want to get into the smell of my monsters.. that would just be weird.

shane said...

just got to the second round file..

like it lots, my computer has been down a lot this weekend.. sorry about that.. glad to see some fever ray in there.

steenbeck said...

Finally had a chance to listen, I liked the whole thing but extraspecially...Rusted GUns of Milan, Wisdom Fail (obviously) Losers Weepers FInders Keepers (Mikey Dread ?!?!?!?), Divne disappointment and I Can't Get Next to You Babe.

I want to know what color my monster is. ANd I know I don't really have any control over these things, but I don't want my monster to be a waitress, although writing strange things on a pad doesn't bother me.

Shoey said...

Shane, "slightly flummoxed" is probably spot on for the Shoemonster. Glad you got the files & many thanx for the Firstborn.

Steen, glad you liked & hope you are able to find your "Bush" real soon.

sleepy sane said...


your monster is a very mysterious B&W film noir stylee.. but has a strange Cindy Sherman-esq ability to morph from one character to the next.. while being it's own director - subverting the part of the waitress in the process.

(I had a very early 5am start - my head is dream)