Wednesday, July 8, 2009

treefrogdemon got the blues

They've closed comments over on RR, which is why treefrogdemon is singin' the blues.

In the Pines - Leadbelly
Kosmic Blues - Janis Joplin
Weary Blues From Waiting - Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott
Rollin' Blues - John Lee Hooker
Young Man Blues - the Who
Piss and Moan Blues - the Gourds
Old Rub Alcohol Blues - Dock Boggs
Pass You By - Gillian Welch
Freight Train Blues - Bob Dylan
Zimmerman Blues - the GPs


AliMunday said...

You do have good taste, tfd. I've got Zimmerman Blues on Ralph McTell's 'Not till tomorrow' album, one of my favourites. Sadly can't transfer it to computer though.

treefrogdemon said...

Well, now you can have the GPs version!

magicman said...

great list tfd. Why oh why oh why do they close the blog like that ? random buggers. And I was just about to really go off on a Michael Jackson rant. Ah.
Are you using podbean here ?
I find it tricky.

Mnemonic said...

No, it's dropbox but TFD has kindly used her public folder so that any blog reader can play the list, not just the chosen few. Try a right hand click...

tincanman said...

RR dropbox

Folder Size

Mnemonic said...

According to Blimpy, readers of blog, 10,000

tincanman said...


Nite all

ejaydee said...

Easy now, folks.

Shoey said...

Ok, I don't want to know the details of the Tin/Mnemonic spat - but please will you both kiss & make up? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

It's probably just me, but I miss the days when RR cut off at noon on Monday. This is purely selfish, as I can no longer post over there unless chained to the PC. & can't do that often in sociable hours. Everyone should come over her & partee & parley instead, are we not the Overspill?

tincanman said...

I just don't want to see everyone who uses dropbox tainted with a ''chosen few'' tag, 'cause that's not fair on them. Dropbox and RR membership both have exactly the same criteria - open to any and all RRers who will use it co-operatively. If someone has an issue with how I oversee dropbox, fair enough, have a go - but at me, not innocent people.