Saturday, July 4, 2009

What is the use of talking, and there is no end of talking.

This is Not the Stove to Brown Your Bread
Rough Alley Blues
Riddles Wisely Expounded
Gone Fishin
Take Time to Know Her
Go Limp
I'm Sticking With You
Anyone Else But You
Salute to a Switchblade
Shallow Days
He Say She Say
You Got Me
Payback is a Grandmother
You Never Know
Da Art of Storytellin Part 1
Miss Fat Booty
Check the Rhime
Poor Georgie
She Said
Tell Me


DaddyPig said...

I'm having what feels like a cheeky listen; my wife has taken the children shopping, and I probably should be doing something useful. Sort of "Gone Spillin'".

I've not managed the whole list, but a few more donds to follow...

saneshane said...

always good to have sticking with you and anyone else... together. is it only me and you that love them?

the rest were the usual high standard.

(Do you know anyone that gets SPIN magazine.. they seam to have a cover version of Prince Purple Rain album, I can't get the magazine here and haven't cracked getting round it yet?)

not that I'm doing very well.. RR has just two nominations on my computer, both by DsD!

I'm going for a new browser.. so far I've killed I.E, firefox, chrome and safari.. welcome Opera.. if this works, I'll eat my straight jacket.
(but at least the 63'000 odd images are backed up and on disc too, and I didn't lose 10 thousand of them)

have you got fireworks.. I like fireworks..?

treefrogdemon said...

I don't think you killed Chrome, shane - mine died as well, and I didn't do a thing.

saneshane said...

glad it's not just me!

nothings been right since my un-requested upgrade.. from the idiot cable company...

but we are hoping to move soon, so I can't do anything about it, without throwing more money at crap!!

steenbeck said...

Yes we had fireworks. It was a blast. (Get it) But it really was.

I'll send you Spin magazine, if I can find it, Saneshane. I wanted to send you something for your birthday, and I've run out of strange plush animals. Well, I haven't there are more, but how many strange plush animals can you send to one person?

saneshane said...

I love fireworks
glad it was sparkling!

I don't need the magazine (i never get round to reading them anymore.. 'Raygun' was my idea of a good magazine.. looked random, unreadable words.. no guilt involved!)
Just if someone had downloaded the songs, I would of been interested in a dropbox of them. I'll find them.. no worries.

but thanks for the offer.

As for the strange animals Z-boy loves them 'his friends'
He goes to school soon - it might be a good thing - before he ends up as odd as his parents.