Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mods and rockers Mods and Rockers

She's the Daughter of a Planter from Havana
Boogie Chillun
Talkin New York
Did You Hear John Hurt
Rudy A MEssage To You
Rude Boy Train
All the Young Punks
Rudie Can't Fail
New Generation
Highlife Time
Message to the Messengers
Hip Hop
The Kool Herc
Kick PushII
Kick Push
Youthful Expression
Downloading Porn With Davo
NYC's LIke a Graveyard
YOuth and Beauty Brigade


saneshane said...

hey I restricted myself..

do you think illness makes us think of more songs (z-boy and ms.sane have been ill for 48 hours) all I've done is think of more songs while rocking them - and cleaning- obviously the first thoughts are about them - but during sleep depravation and trying not to think about the smell of vomit! I've gone oh that's a rock n roll punk song or rude boys cool!

I still have to do my ultimate Skate - surf - graf compilation...
massive donds to loads of these by the way.. and hope your lot are recovering...

steenbeck said...

Ah, Shane, I hope they're feeling better. It wears you out, doesn't it? ANd you love them so much you're not even worried about getting it yourself, you just want them to get better. Which was strange at first for me, loving people, because I was all, totally, just, like stay away from me if you're sick, cause I just can't like deal with it. Just kidding. but it is different when it's your loved one and little ones.

I was thinking of you with the whole skate punk genre. I've heard so many bad songs on the radio, relating to this particular sub-genre, but I was thinking you'd know some good ones, right?

steenbeck said...

Get some sleep, Shane!

saneshane said...

Skateboarding Saves Me Twice - Grandaddy
Can You Tell Me One Thing - The Organ

good skate tracks that don't fit the profile.

Slow Grafitti - Belle & Sebastian
Graffiti- Throwing Muses
good use of graffiti in them that don't fit the normal hip hop idea.!

good night.. I'm starting to fade.

AliMunday said...

Hope everyone's feeling better soon. Nothing worse than poorly kids.

nilpferd said...

Particularly like Rudy's message and the ATCQ, also the KRS One track which has a great backing.

goneforeign said...

Steen: Funny you should post 'John Hurt', I was listening to a Tom Paxton live version yesterday and thinking about posting it with some others similar.

TracyK said...

Steen, I really enjoyed this list, thought it had great flow and was fab Sunday morning music. Not my usual thing either, but I liked all the hip hop stuff.

saneshane said...

tracy .. your 'indier than yous' membership will be revoked if you carry on in that way.. tut.

now buff the flowery DMs and line up the hair clips in an acceptable manner and we'll say no more about it.

Japanther said...

only got halfway through the list so far, Steen, so will be back with full comments tomorrow, but as I mentioned over on RR I love this topic so much (one of the very very few subjects I like to think I know at least a little bit about) and this is one week that I would have loved to hang around RR to join in the related chit chat and share my uninformed opinions, but as I also mentioned, I took a second job from last week, so haven't had a minute to do anything except work eat and sleep since last Friday.
It's interesting to see the Atlantic divide between youth cults which just looking at your tracklisting shows too.

TracyK said...

Sorry Shane! My kid bro was very much into stuff like the Rocksteady Crew and Doug E Fresh and the nascent hip hop scene, and hubby loves a bit of Karma Hotel or Eric B and Rakim. My ex really got into hip-hop, funk and soul and now djs breaks etc in East London. I feel I've absorbed the less misogynist stuff, though I still love Beastie Boys License to Ill very much.

Hairclips all lined up ready for inspection and trying to get the pearlised sheen back on my 18 holers with ribbon laces and diamonte crosses, but my cardi keeps getting in the way.

steenbeck said...

Thanks for listening everyone! Glad you liked it TracyK. I used to want Doc Martins so badly. So badly. But I don't wear leather. I went crazy trying to find non-leather ones--nearly got black velvet. I was fiending for DMs.

Off to listen to the other lists.

steenbeck said...

Oh, and Japanther--with you on the second job anxiety. (I consider mom-ing my first job, and find it overwhelming most of the time.) It's silly but just 3 shifts waitressing is almost too much. Sigh.

treefrogdemon said...

steenbeck, there used to be a shop in Bedford (quite near Milton Keynes, where I used to live, and Northampton, where they were made) which sold discontinued DMs, or seconds...some of them were weird ones you never saw anywhere else. But I stuck to purple. Purple ones are my favourite.

Blimpy said...

I started listening to this, but not even the Clash's most perky song can keep me awake

Blimpy said...

though i should say before i go that i really like the bit in Rude Boy when the vocals are being recorded for All The Young Punks, but you can only hear the track faintly and tinny over the headphones

steenbeck said...

I have no idea about the blue links, I've been away all day. But It's discouraging that two separate people have been put to sleep by my playlist.

Don't mind the blue links, by the way. But it wasn't me.

ejaydee said...

Steen, did you say you were mad for stomps? Or used to be? This has a few stomps:

Sorry to drown you in music this week.

steenbeck said...

Hyena Stomp!! Billy Goat Stomp!! I have a Jelly Roll Morton album with a few stomps on it, but not Hyena Stomp and...wolverine blues! Thanks.

Yes...drowning in music, but what a way to go. I'm loving the Rumba Sessions albums. What a voice that Wendo Kolosoy has!!

Now off to peruse What's in my iPod... fascinating site.

ejaydee said...

I want to hear more of Kolosoy's older stuff, that album and DVD was the first I heard of him.
It's a great blog, and very varied too. Oh, and the Stankonia and Speakerboxxx/Love Below sample sets are up. The samples for Pink & Blue are fascinating.