Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kirsty MacColl's 50th birthday event 11th October

Given how many times the lovely and clever Kirsty MacColl is mentioned on RR (usually as "much-missed, sadly-missed" etc with all her wit, storytelling gift, gorgeous voice and mischief), people may be interested in this special event for her 50th birthday to celebrate her many talents.

Cheers, Caitlin


Dangerpuss said...

Forgot the link. The invitation comes from Kirsty's site :

(Please don't pounce if I've done this wrongly. I'm learning as I go. Couldn't find techie tips here on adding a hyperlink so some guidance would be appreciated. Ta.)

Chris said...

Although I doubt I'll get there (it's in that big city in the Southern Lands, isn't it?), thank you for posting this, Caitlin. The fact that Kirsty would only now be reaching 50 just underlines what a (literally) criminal tragedy her death was. You sum up very nicely the reasons why she is, sadly, much-missed.

ToffeeBoy said...

Not sure that I'll be able to go but I just wanted to add my appreciation of Kirsty MacColl - a genuine talent, cruelly taken away from us. Who knows what musical and lyrical gems were lost on that tragic day? RIP, Kirsty - you are sorely missed.

tincanman said...

Dunno if this will work, but to put a link in, you can use this string substituting where obvious. What you did works fine too though.


tincanman said...

Nope, i was worried that might happen. I'll try it this way
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