Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ever get the feeling...

Talking John BIrch Paranoid Blues
Peeping Tom
Watch Her Disappear
Cherry Chapstick
Winter Wooskie
Love Detective
The Boogie Monster
Neighborhood Watch
En Focus
Strange Eyes
Fear Not of Man
The Whole World


nilpferd said...

Really liked the Arab strap track, builds nicely with a sense of hopelessness, there's something irresistably fucked up about a scottish accent. Also love the piano and electronics in this track.

steenbeck said...

Steenbeck, who had been sitting alone in her room, listening to the unmistakable sound of naked greasy people taking aim at Phil Collins down the Hall, and of tables being overturned on the floor below, brightens at the sight of a german speaking kiwi hippo.

Thanks for listening, Nilpferd.

nilpferd said...

dammit, I had ma best scottish accent on while typing that.. although my parents always ask me if I've just spent some time in the northern tribal areas of Pakistan when I put that one on..
Still, anything to take your mind off the rowdy neighbours..

saneshane said...

hey ya neighbor.. (wow my spell check has gone all American) - any way I'm all cleaned up, mentally soiled.. but loving the playlist....

de la, dilated peoples, b&s, arab strap, tom waits, yo la tengo hitting the spot of stuff I love.. I was trying to fit Yo La Tengo 'Watch Out For Me Ronnie' but couldn't even justify it to myself.

steenbeck said...

Thanks for listening Shane. I haven't heard yours yet, I'm trying to figure out Japanther's method of putting spill lists on my iPhone, but in my ignorance and eagerness I put my ENTIRE iTunes library on there, and can't fit anything else. I'll catch on eventually.

I listened to the Casiotone, though, separately. I really like them.

shane said...

I think Shoey might have more for us to listen to...

...maybe he could do us an spillover view of CTFTPA?

Shoey said...

The new comp "Battery Life" is a good place to start. The new "Vs. Children" is very fine too, but "Etiquette" is still my favourite. Think the 1st 2 albums were also reissued as a 2 for 1. Apart from a few singles, that's about everything that I know of.