Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adventures in Testing

Let's see if we can make Tin'sBox work - still prefer meat as a theme of the week so just one piece of nonsense - takes about a minute in for something familiar & fooled around with that relates to this week's official theme. Don't want to rain on the parade, but not sure this will be a lasting alternative unless we show some restraint in how much is thrown into the box (we've used collectively over 75% of the free storage capacity already), getting flagged for excessive bandwidth use doesn't sound like much fun either. Thanks to Tin for coming up with this.

Put The Hammer Down


tincanman said...

I clicked and it downloaded.


Japanther said...

Just wanted to say that listening to this suddenly brought back a memory of a very very young me, crouching behind the living room door and peeking at the telly to surreptitiously watch Convoy when I had already been sent to bed....i'm pretty sure my Mum and Dad knew I was there, but they pretended not to notice and let me watch anyway!!

Shoey said...

Think the film must have come later, as I have similar memeries of a young me hoping that the tune would be shown on TOTP again - and being annoyed if it wasn't, and having to wait until the following week. TOTP was a bit of a tease that way quite often over the years.