Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Vice

Biting My Nails
Tremendous Pain
The Winker's Song (Misprint)
Glamorous Glue
Tupperware Stripper
Bales of Cocaine
The Booze And The Drugs


Shoey said...

Ok, 2 lists in a weekend is probably OTT, but I do like the more twisted themes.

Shoey said...

Speaking of twisted, has anyone else seen Coraline yet? Took the girls yesterday - the animation & 3D are incredible.

saneshane said...

Shoey.. Coraline wont be released here (UK) til May (I think) but can't wait.. just watching the trailer and playing on the web site gets my missus all jittery.

Neil Gaiman is a genius and the animation looks corkin'

(I will get around to listening.. ill son, so.. gentle music has been needed.. how cool was Miami Vice? don't answer that!)

Shoey said...

Miami Vice blows, but I'd already used the Sweeney. Hope junior gets well soon.

Blimpy said...

why is "...nails" so familiar?

Shoey said...

My disco knowledge is a little limited, but think they ripped-off the tune from "knock on wood".