Saturday, February 14, 2009

Idol Vice

Happy Valentines day to all!

Drawing Curtains
Outback Self Abuse
Sex with Strangers
Sinny Sin Sin
Punish me with Kisses
Greetings in Braille
Beware the Nubile Miscreants
Light in Her Window
Bad Old Man
Women tied up in Knots
Sitty Pretty
Rippin Kitten
1 Buck 65
2 Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra
3 Marianne Faithfull
4 Roots Manuva
5 The Glove
The Glove [Robert Smith Vocal Demo]
7 The Elected
8 Of Montreal
9 Golden Virgins
10 Pixies
11 Baby Bird
12 Bongwater
13 Brendan Benson
14    Goldenboy with Ms. Kitten


gremlinfc said...

Saneshane - insane pictures as always - love them , love you use a Mac?
Seeing as you've got Sinny Sin Sin by the mighty Rodney Roots - could you see your way to just tripping over to RR to "second" my nomination of you see i'm struggling this week and not got no seconds yet, boo hoo. Great tracks...

saneshane said...

hey gremlin
I did add 'dond dond dond' to my post last night at five past 12 over on RR.. but the ctrl f wasn't playing ball so I couldn't find out who had nominated it.

glad to find out the source...

(no mac here just more and more things attached to a PC with double sided sticky tape and glue!)

Blimpy said...

shane - i dig your playlists more and more every week.

i think this is the second in a row that has the skuobhie dubhs on it, yes? how did you get into them? they only ever pressed up about 0 records. mrs mcflah used to have their tapes in the very early 90s (and as karthoum heroes) as a local heroine that she was. i'm amazed that the music spread beyond fife!

Blimpy said...

(that said - i have this track off of the fencezine covermount)

saneshane said...

I'm into my magazines Blimpy so the fencezine is the source. was going to post this up last week as an added bonus because the first time I heard it.. I just couldn't believe the chorus.. glad a topic came along (so to speak) so quickly.

There's a Fence Collective night on Thursday here at Norwich art center.. so I shall pop along to see what other little gems I can pick up.

Shoey said...

The Buck 65 is particularly fine this week. Good to see the Golden Virgins back for another shot at fame along with Beck with Marianne & lots of other favorites. Nice one as usual.