Friday, February 20, 2009

Nature enter me..

Iconic kiwi band the Muttonbirds with a remake of a sixties hit, Nature.. one of the commentators on the youtube thread is the son of Wayne Mason, who orginally wrote Nature for the Fourmyulas 40 yrs ago.. in 2001 the original was voted the top NZ song in the last 75 years...

Chug is a mysterious Flying Nun band related to the 3Ds, their track Flowers is a classic.. their sound is described on the Flying Nun website as "a mix of forceful rhythms and sweet Dunedin pop that blend into smart and chunky songs".

Followed by this week's Nu Jazz/Deep House selection, Cine City/Wai Wan with Plants, Animals, and H2O, and The Dave Holland Quartet's delightful Conference of the Birds.


Shoegazer said...

Previous post, didn't seem to take, oh well.

Liked the Chug - great band name too. Think I heard a Forbidden Planet sample on Cine City

nilpferd said...

Chug is a strange one- a side project involving musicians from several bands, I think they only ever did a few EPs and two albums. They have something of Dirty-era Sonic Youth, with an edge of Flying Nun strangeness and some sixties psychedelia.

Of the albums Sassafras is worth a listen- here on lastfm-

Try Hey Jimmy and Long Haul from Sassafras.

nilpferd said...

Actually Metalon is not too bad either, I hadn't heard that before- more experimental production and a slightly harder edge- the title track, Viva and Easy Beat are very good.